How Pkl Emerged As The Second Largest League In India After Cricket?

Kabaddi in India has gained so much acclaim since the launch of Pro Kabaddi League which was first played in 2014. PKL is a double round-robin format which has 12 teams in it. As per data from television rating agencies Pro Kabaddi viewership has been increased by nearly 56% from 2014 year viewership, during the inaugural season of PKL, viewership was around 43.5 crore which was second in India after 56 crore of IPL viewership.

Kabaddi has gained so much popularity in India after the launch of PKL that it`s now competing with Indian Super League to be India`s most popular sport after Cricket.

Now the question arises that how Pro Kabaddi League has gained so much popularity that it`s now competing with Indian Super League to be India`s most popular sport after Cricket. Let’s discuss about the reasons why PKL is gaining so much popularity in brief:

In today`s fast pacing world Kabaddi is a game full of entertaining package as it`s providing you with the perfect action and thrill in just 40 minutes. Pro Kabaddi League has developed perfect infrastructure and training facilities for aspiring athletes to train and grow at the same time. As Indian celebrities do come in huge numbers to cheer for their favorite franchise and to promote their upcoming projects and the biggest example is Abhishek Bachchan who owns a team in the marquee event known as Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Many people who were not even Kabaddi fans started taking interests in kabaddi after witnessing Son of Soils: Jaipur Pink Panthers which was a docu-series streamed on Amazon Prime which follows the Journey of Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan owned Kabaddi team Jaipur Pink Panthers in their attempt to reclaim the champion`s trophy of India`s Pro Kabaddi League 2018-19. It showed everything without playing hide and seak with the audience that how much pressure is on the skipper as well as the whole team while playing a marquee event.

PKL has provided a lot of incentives and endorsement to athletes that now there is no financial pressure and that is the biggest reason why as fans we witness talent once they step on to the middle.