History of Taekwondo at Asian Games


Taekwondo has been featured in every Asian Games since 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. The Olympic Council of Asia officially recognized it as a sport during its 3rd General Assembly at the same 1986 Asian Games in Seoul, Korea.

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Best Performing Nation in Taekwondo at Asian Games

South Korea has consistently emerged as the best-performing nation in Taekwondo at the Asian Games, displaying their mastery of this martial art across various event editions.

In the 1986 Asian Games hosted in Seoul, South Korea, their home advantage they undoubtedly played a role in their Taekwondo excellence, securing their position as the best nation in this sport.

In subsequent editions, such as the 1994 Hiroshima Games, the 1998 Bangkok Games, and the 2002 Busan Games, South Korea continued to dominate Taekwondo, reaffirming its status as the top nation in this discipline.

Their remarkable performance extended into the 2006 Doha Games and the 2010 Guangzhou Games, where South Korea once again outshone other nations in Taekwondo, showcasing their unparalleled skills and dedication.

In 2014, at the Incheon Asian Games held in their own country, South Korea maintained their stronghold in Taekwondo, proving they were the undisputed champions in this sport on the Asian stage.

Their impressive streak continued at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games in Indonesia, solidifying South Korea’s reputation as the best nation in Taekwondo at the Asian Games.

Medalist of Taekwondo at Asian Games

South Korea

In Taekwondo at the Asian Games, South Korea stands head and shoulders above the rest, consistently securing the top spot in the medal table. With a staggering 82 medals, they have established their dominance with 58 gold, 16 silver, and eight bronze medals.


Iran follows closely behind, claiming the second position with 46 medals in total. Their tally comprises 14 gold, 14 silver, and 18 bronze medals. Iran’s consistent performance has earned them a well-deserved place among the top nations in this martial art.

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei, securing the third spot in the medal table, has demonstrated its Taekwondo prowess with 39 medals. This includes 12 gold, nine silver, and 18 bronze medals. 


In fourth place, China has also made its mark in Taekwondo at the Asian Games. China has consistently been a strong contender with 42 medals (10 gold, 12 silver, and 20 bronze), adding to the competition’s intensity and prestige.


Thailand ranks in the top five in the Taekwondo medal table with 35 medals. Their collection includes five gold, 11 silver, and 19 bronze medals.

Indian Medalist in Taekwondo at the Asian Games

India, although not among the top contenders in Taekwondo at the Asian Games, has made its presence felt with a commendable performance. While they may have yet to secure gold or silver medals, India has earned a well-deserved bronze medal.

This single bronze medal represents a significant achievement for Indian Taekwondo athletes, highlighting their potential and the growing interest in the sport within the country. 

While India may be on a different level in terms of medal count compared to the top nations, this accomplishment is a testament to their perseverance and determination in Taekwondo at the Asian Games.