History of Gymnastics at Asian Games


Gymnastics events have been contested at every Asian Games since the 1974 Asian Games in Tehran, Iran. Gymnastics is a sport that requires various physical exercises requiring strength, agility, and coordination. It includes multiple apparatus like the vault, balance beam, uneven bars, and floor exercise. Gymnastics is a competitive sport requiring ultra-level agility and fitness with demanding work. 

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Gymnastics Editions Across Asian Games Throughout It’s History

Throughout the history of the Asian Games, the sport of gymnastics has been a consistent presence, displaying incredible athleticism and mastery across various editions. The beginning of gymnastics events occurred in the seventh edition of the Asian Games held in Tehran, Iran, in 1974. 

This exciting journey continued through subsequent editions, including Bangkok in Thailand (1978), New Delhi in India (1982), Seoul in South Korea (1986), Beijing in China (1990), Hiroshima in Japan (1994), another round in Bangkok, Thailand (1998), Busan in South Korea (2002), Doha in Qatar (2006), Guangzhou in China (2010), Incheon in South Korea (2014), and Jakarta-Palembang in Indonesia (2018).

Best Performing Nation in Asian Games Gymnastics

China has consistently delivered exceptional performances across all editions of the Asian Games, particularly in Gymnastics. China’s sports power has been especially noteworthy in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. From 1974 to 2018, China has consistently held a dominant position atop the victory standings, displaying a remarkable record of achievement. Notably, China’s reign at the pinnacle was briefly interrupted only once during the 2014 Incheon Games, where Japan claimed the gold medal in this category.

Top Leading Nations in Gymnastics in Asian Games

The Asian Games have been a platform for exceptional gymnastic performances, with certain nations emerging as the frontrunners in this competitive arena. 


China is topping the table with 273 medals, including 142 gold, 90 silver, and 41 bronze. 


Following closely, Japan secured 104 medals, comprising 19 gold, 35 silver, and 50 bronze, showcasing their enduring gymnastic prowess.

South Korea

South Korea has also made its mark, clinching 74 medals—19 gold, 19 silver, and 36 bronze. Highlighting their consistent strength in this discipline.

North Korea

The accomplishments continue with North Korea, amassing 63 medals—17 gold, 21 silver, and 25 bronze—displaying their notable contribution to Asian Games gymnastics. 


Rounding out the top five is Kazakhstan, whose athletes have earned 24 medals in total: 6 gold, five silver, and 13 bronze medals.