Happy Birthday Sunil Gavaskar: Things you might not know about The Little Master

Sunil Gavaskar

On the Birthday of Sunil Gavaskar, as a fan, you would certainly want to know more about him. The little master was without any doubt, the greatest batsman of his time. He was the first batsman to achieve the feat of 10k runs, and also the first batter to reach the milestone of 34 test centuries. These achievements made him the greatest batsman of his time.

It is also said, that he is one of the first Indian batters who started playing the hook and pull shot, with complete control. Usually, when people think about Sunil Gavaskar, then his 10,000 runs feat and 34 centuries are the first achievements to come to mind. But there are many other things to know about him. 

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Unknown Facts about Sunil Gavaskar

There are so many things, that you must know about the little master on his birthday. Some of them are provided below. These facts are certainly going to surprise you, that is because there is a lot to know about him. 

1. Sunil Gavaskar scored consecutive 3 centuries twice in Test Cricket

During his playing days, Sunil Gavaskar was the batter to have scored 3 consecutive centuries twice in his test career. That clearly shows his excellence. Later on, Kumar Sangakkara took over this record by achieving this feat 3 times in his career. 

2. Sunil Gavaskar by mistake got swapped with a fisherman’s baby after birth 

Yes, that really happened, and it was his uncle who identified this mistake. It was all because of a birthmark near the ear of Gavaskar, that he was successfully identified. Or else the world would have missed out on a great batsman. 

3. Most runs by any batter in the debut test series

In the debut series, Sunil Gavaskar scored an average of 154.8. That is to date a record. He certainly made an announcement through this performance in the debut series, that he is going to be a great batsman in the future. You can see the detailed stats of the debut series below. 

  • Innings – 8 
  • Runs – 774 
  • 100s – 4 
  • Average – 154.8 

You must be surprised to know these great statistics. Wasn’t that a great debut? 

So, now you know the reason behind the greatness of your hero. Also, we must not forget that during that time, batsmen used to bat without a helmet. This shows how tough it was to bat during that time. After reading all these facts, you can certainly take more pride on the birthday of the great Sunil Gavaskar.