List Of 5 Young Indian Pacers Who Can Consistently Bowl 150 kph in The Future

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Indian Pacers:-  India has always known to be the birthplace of some of the best quality spinners ever played in the history of the game and over the years, names like Kumble, Bishan Singh Bedi, and Harbhajan Singh have proved their prowess in the International cricket. Still, fast bowling has been that one department where India has always struggled and even whilst having players like Kapil Dev, Javagal Srinath, and Zaheer Khan, they have not yet been able to hit the speed guns with some raw pace.

Not anymore as the Indian team is now equipped by bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah who have not only rattled the best of the batting sides recently but crashed the speed guns with some sheer pace and swing. Well it’s not just about Bumrah and there have been some young bowlers who have established themselves as the real speedsters in the IPL and the Indian domestic circuit and with that said, let’s take a look at the Indian pacers who can consistently hit the 150kph mark in the coming future.

Indian pacers who can consistently hit the 150kph mark in the coming future:-

#1 Navdeep Saini

Indian Pacers Navdeep Saini is one of those few youngsters who has impressed everyone with his raw speed and brilliant lengths in the IPL. At a  time when the whole RCB squad was struggling with their bowling line up, Saini has consistently bowled within the right areas even during the power plays and his economy is best amongst all RCB pace bowlers currently.

Apart from his line and length, Saini has been the quickest amongst the rest of the Indian bowlers around and he has touched the 150kph mark numerous times within the IPL. It was not that great to start for the Delhi youngster to keep up with the pressure of the IPL and he faltered big time during one of the first few matches with the team RCB. It was only after the right motivations and guidance from the captain Kohli and bowling coach Nehra, Saini has now emerged as the most well-performing youngster in the IPL this season.

 Navdeep Saini

It’s not just about the IPL and Saini has been phenomenal for his Ranji side Delhi and he has continuously clocked the 150kph in few of the domestic matches earlier. With that been said, we can be hopeful of seeing this talented bowler from Karnal to become the next Indian speedster in the International circuit in the coming times.

#2 Kamlesh Nagarkoti

Indian Pacers Kamlesh Nagarkot was one of the biggest positives in the Indian U19 team’s world cup victory in the 2018 year and he played a major role in bringing the title to the Indian colts in the process. This was the biggest reason he has been brought into the KKR squad in the IPL auction 2018 and the franchisee shelled out a huge sum of 3.2 crores for this speedster in the auction. Unfortunately, he got ruled out from the whole IPL season due to an injury and KKR got to replace him by his mate in U19 team Shivam Mavi.

Indian Pacers Kamlesh Nagarkoti

Everyone was hoping to see him in the IPL 2019 but yet again his injury concerns hit him and he was forced to miss the IPL season with KKR. Still, the pacer is going through the rehab process and working hard to gain full fitness in the National cricket academy. On the other side, he has been the one pacer who has bowled regularly whilst clocking the 150kph mark many times and we can certainly see him becoming the next big thing in the Indian bowling line up in the coming future.

#3 Prasidh Krishna

Indian Pacers Prasidh Krishna has now become a regular member of the KKR team in the IPL tournament and he has earned this spot with his brilliant run with the ball over the past two years. Apart from his line and length, he has been quite consistent in getting the raw pace and swings out of his deliveries and deceived even the best of the batsman in the IPL tournament.

Prasidh Krishna

Even this year, he has been phenomenal with the ball for them and grabbed some crucial wickets for his team in the process. On the other side, his raw pace has been something to talk about this season and he has improved a great bit as compared to the last year in terms of pace generated. With him just 22 years old right now, we can hopefully see him bowling at a pace of more than 150kph in the future for team India and he just needs to focus on the right lengths and areas to bowl at to ensure the same. His performance in the domestic season is also impressive and we can certainly see him making his way into the Indian team in the coming times.

#4 Khaleel Ahmed

Indian Pacers Khaleel Ahmed is currently the only bowler in our list who has played for the Indian team recently and his performance can be quoted as impressive in the wake of the wickets grabbed by him in his short international career. Khaleel is also the only left-arm pacer in our list and he is genuinely bringing out some good speed in most of his deliveries in the past few months. We have seen him performing in the series against Australia and he was one of the positives out of the Indian victory over the Aussies after a long time at their own backyard.

Indian Pacers khaleel ahmed

Khaleel is yet to clock the 150kph mark and he has consistently hit the 145kph mark in the International cricket recently. Moreover, he has been quite good with his run in the IPL with team SRH and after been sidelines in the first few matches, he has made a superb comeback whilst being amongst the wickets in the next few matches he played. Looking at his consistency, we can see him touching that 150kph mark more than often for the Indian team in the coming times.

#5 Shivam Mavi

Indian Pacers Shivam Mavi has been amongst the greatest contributors to the Indian U19 team’s victory in the U19 world cup in 2018 and he along with Kamlesh Nagarkot have rattled the opposition with their sheer pace and lethal bowling. Moreover, Mavi was picked by the KKR team in 2018 as a replacement for the injured Kamlesh Nagarkot and he put on an impressive performance on display for the team with some good swing and pace all along.

Indian Pacers Shivam Mavi

Mavi has also clocked the 140 kph times and there were few instances where he even touched the 150kph mark with his bowling. Although the pacer is out from this year’s IPL due to an injury to his name, we are certainly seeing hi9m in the list of bowlers who will be hitting that 150kph mark for the Indian team in the coming future.

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