Frustrated by equipment issues Leading F1 Esports professional considers quitting


During Round 3 of the Premier Sim Gaming Leagues (PSGL) on July 6, Opmeer experienced a major problem. Opmeer’s essential Fanatec pedals broke during qualifying, raising concerns about F1 Esports equipment.

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This incident caused a lot of concern and outrage within the F1 23 Esports community. It made Opmeer seriously consider retiring from the F1 Esports Series, which is the most important tournament of the F1 video game franchise. Opmeer has earned an impressive $222,000 in prize money over the past four years. Now, people are wondering if he will be able to participate in the upcoming tournament.

The upset Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS driver live-streamed the entire incident, expressing his frustration. Opmeer said, “Uh, I’ve completely bent my brake pedal… I’ve had five broken pedals in just one and a half months. This is ridiculous.”

He was angry about the equipment he had to use because Fanatec sponsors the official F1 Esports. Opmeer questioned, “How can you compete in F1 Esports with this?… You can’t have a World Championship with brake pedals that can’t even handle half of the normal braking force.”

His dissatisfaction grew as he admitted, “This kind of thing makes me want to quit F1 Esports because it’s so unfair… You can’t have a championship with this nonsense.”

After the incident, Opmeer posted on Twitter, expressing his frustrations with a cryptic message: “If I say what I really think, I’ll get banned.”

Opmeer’s tweet sparked a heated discussion about the quality of the required equipment in the F1 Esports Series.

A Reddit user named ‘zOOssss’ shared Opmeer’s concerns and asked why the F1 Esports doesn’t provide the best quality input devices.

Another user named Gunner253 questioned the build quality of Fanatec’s pedals, stating that they should be better since they are used by professional sim racers at the highest level.

As the 2023 F1 Esports season approaches, the issue of equipment quality and reliability has become a prominent topic of discussion.

Fanatec, the manufacturer of the pedals, has not yet responded to the criticism. Dexerto, a news outlet, has contacted the company for a comment.