French football league slams ‘climate of hate’ on social media

The French football league has published the message on Facebook and Twitter to take action in order to eliminate racial abuse that has created a “climate of hate” on social media.

As per the latest report, LFP had a meeting this week with representatives of Facebook and Twitter to consider new measures because it said players, coaches, and their families are regularly the targets of hateful and racist comments.

The announcement was done on Friday, which stated that the league has created a group on Facebook to speed up the actions against raising issue related to racism. It pledged to publicly disclose action that it takes.

The announcement was taken along with the message from the leaders of English football. They wrote directly to Twitter CEO  Jack Dorsey and Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg to demand quick actions aganst racist comments targeted on the families of players on social media.

“Football creates a unique social bond,” French league president Vincent Labrune said in a statement. “We must better protect it and counter the hate speech that is worsening on social networks. Enough is enough — urgent action is needed.”

Facebook, which owns Instagram, said it would establish a training plan for clubs and players to learn about the existing tools available on its platforms to fight the abuses, according the the league.

“We have clear rules against these abuses and we’re constantly improving our technology to proactively detect them as quickly as possible,” said Laurent Solly, Facebook’s regional vice president. “We are developing new security tools to prevent these offensive comments or to block the people who have broken our rules.”

Solly said there is “still a lot to do.”

“This is why we are renewing our commitment to work alongside the LFP, players, clubs and French football so that collectively we continue to fight even more effectively against online hatred,” Solly said.