Top 5 Free Android Cricket Games In 2019

Free Android Cricket Games

Free Android Cricket Games

Free Android Cricket Games : The Indian gaming industry is booming and with advancement in gaming technology, the industry is going one to become a billion dollar industry. These games fulfill the need of the fans for an on the field experience.

And now fans are turning to their smart phones for their gaming needs. It is their source of entertainment in their pocket 24×7. With mobile gaming more accessible than PC gaming, we have selected some top 5 android cricket games for you:

Top 5 Free Android Cricket Games

#1 World Cricket Championship 2

Free Android Cricket Games : This advanced 3D game is every cricket lover’s favorite for its versatility and dynamism. You can enjoy maximum number of cricket shots like the Helicopter shot, the Upper cut and the famous Dil scoop.

You can also tailor your team players and cheer for your team with special banners. You can also play different formats – T20, Test and ODIs. With an interactive graphical display, the World Cricket Championship 2 is popular for giving a real time experience to its fans. The game has recently added a new feature of Autoplay mode for bowling and batting.

#2 Real Cricket 18

Free Android Cricket Games : Real Cricket 18 is the updated version of Real Cricket 17. It is also one the best games for a surreal real experience. The app has introduced a feature which enables users to distinguish between various batsmen and their styles of batting – radical, brute, balanced and defensive, with their distinctive cricket shots and aggression levels. The most unmatched characteristic of the app is that it allows users to participate in the IPL auction by making their own team.

#3 Big Bash Cricket

Free Android Cricket Games : The Big Bash Cricket is the game version of one of the world’s richest leagues, Big Bash Cricket League. The app allows you to play real shots of your favourite player. With pragmatic animation, visual controls and enhanced player likenesses, users can also play online with their friends. The users can also play in the home stadiums and enjoy a real stadium experience outside a stadium.

#4 World of Cricket

Free Android Cricket Games : This next generation app helps you take your country team to victory & become the world champion star. You can play with friends or against real players in online multiplayer mode or play local multiplayer and showcase your cricket expertise against different countries. The World of Cricket game enhances the experience by its special feature – Professional audio commentary & ambient sounds for the stadium.

#5 Stick Cricket Premier League

Free Android Cricket Games : This app promises to take your T20 gaming experience to the next level. Users can build their team, choose the captain, establish a dynasty and travel the world. Stick Cricket Premier League allows user hire batting or bowling coaches for expert guidance. The app is loved by all those who do not enjoy bowling and users have to complete a target in limited overs.

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