Evil Geniuses Valorant Team Given Freedom to Seek New Opportunities or Accept Reduced Pay, Reports Say

Something surprising has happened in Valorant recently. Evil Geniuses, the team that won VCT Champions just a few weeks ago, has apparently given their players two options. They can either look for other teams to join, or if they want to stay with Evil Geniuses, they will receive less money as a salary.

This information was reported on September 11 by Max “purest” Katz, a well-known Valorant reporter who has a history of breaking important roster news.

The report helps explain some upsetting and concerning posts on social media by members of the EG starting roster earlier in the day. One of the players, Ethan Arnold, shared posts where he expressed his frustration, feeling that their recent victory no longer holds any value. Other team members also shared messages expressing their surprise and sadness about the situation. Corbin “C0M” Lee captured the confusion well by saying, “Nothing makes sense.”

During this offseason period, hardly anyone expected any changes to happen within Evil Geniuses, except for the departure of their assistant coach Zikz last week.

No one could have anticipated a situation where the entire championship-winning roster might leave the organization entirely. Just a few weeks ago, this team achieved the highest level of success in Valorant, going from being seen as underperforming underdogs to becoming world champions.

Interestingly, this is the second time in a month that a Valorant team is considering parting ways with its entire roster after a major victory. Previously, The Guard players left their team because the organization refused to sign an agreement with Riot after winning Ascension.

Ludwig, who strongly supports the North American Valorant scene, expressed the sentiment of the community by asking, “If being the best team in the world doesn’t ensure job security, what hope is there for esports?”

As of now, Evil Geniuses has not made any official announcements regarding these developments.