Dabang Delhi reclaim top spot after third straight win

Dabang Delhi registered their third straight win, defeating a solid Haryana Steelers outfit 41-21 at NSCI, Mumbai today. Chandran Ranjit and Naveen Kumar were the architects of the victory, claiming 11 and 10 raid points respectively. Captain Joginder Narwal, brilliantly supported by Iranian Saeid Ghaffari were like a wall in defence as they did not allow any soft points for the Steelers.

It was thought to be the battle of the raiders, more so Naveen’s and that is exactly how it started, albeit Chandran Ranjit got the first points of the night, and then made it 2 soon. Naveen Kumar then got another for Dabang Delhi before Naveen from Harayana pulled one back. It proceeded in similar fashion as Chandran Ranjit and Naveen Kumar kept getting on the scoresheet. But it was the defences turn now to get the points for Haryana Steelers as captain Dharmaraj Cheralathan caught Meraj Sheykh in what was a Super tackle; the score read7-5 in favour of Dabang Delhi.

Both teams then got two points each as Delhi caught Naveen, while Vinay was also unsuccessful. Harayana got their points as they threw Ravinder Pahal off the mat.  Meraj Sheykh then failed in the do-or-die raid to give Harayana a sight of the comeback, but Naveen of Harayana was then Super-tackled, followed by Naveen Kumar getting a bonus. However, Vinay pulled another point back, touching-out Saeid Ghaffari with the score now up to 12-9 for Dabang Delhi. Delhi then got another three points and Harayana only one with the half-time hooter blowing at 15-10.

Empty raids started the second half with the do-or-die raid falling on Haryana Steelers. Naveen came in for the raid, but ended up in the lobby without getting a touch, and had to go. It was Delhi’s turn now for the do-or-die raid and Naveen Kumar got two touches, sending off Vikram Kandola and Kuldeep Singh. Naveen Kumar got yet another point on the next raid, before substitute Arun Kumar of Harayana got tackled on his raid, and Haryana Steelers were all out.The score was noe heavily tilted in Dabang Delhi’s favour at 22-12.

It was all Dabang Delhi from there as Naveen Kumar and Chadran Ranjit ran riot, scoring a Super 10 each, well supported by Delhi’s defence, who all got successful tackles to finish the game at 41-21, and claim their third win in as many games to go top.

Starting Sevens

Dabang Delhi K.CJoginder Narwal (C), Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjit, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal, Saeid Ghaffari, Meraj Sheykh,

Haryana SteelersDharmaraj Cheralathan (C), Kuldeep Singh, Vinay, Naveen, Selvamani K, Vikas Kale and Parveen.

Top Performers

Dabang Delhi

Top Raider: Chandran Ranjit (11 points)

Top Defender: Saeid Ghaffari (4 points)

Haryana Steelers

Top Raider: Naveen (9 points)

Top Defender: Dharmaraj Cheralathan (3 points)

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