Counter-Strike 2 Adds a new map


Today, a new map called Overpass was added to the beta version of Counter-Strike 2. The developers at Valve have made significant changes to how players can use utilities in the game. They adjusted the positions on the map and even removed the skyboxes, which gives players more freedom to use smokes and flashes effectively.

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Starting today, players in Counter-Strike 2 can throw smokes without worrying about them bouncing off the skybox. This opens up more possibilities for lining up smokes from various locations. For example, players can now throw smokes from the B site towards the A site.

In the CS2 update, the positions around the entrance to the playground near the T spawn have also been changed. This means both professional and ranked players will need to learn new ways to throw Molotovs and control that area.

In the latest update of CS2, the changes to Overpass have significantly impacted the use of smokes. While Molotovs, HE grenades, and flash grenades remain mostly unchanged, smokes have become much more versatile. Players can now utilize them to deceive opponents with fake bomb-site pushes and block off certain positions as a Counter-Terrorist using a single smoke.

The Overpass update has also brought about adjustments to important positions on the map. For instance, players can now self-boost onto the sandbags at A-short and gain the ability to peek over the plywood to see monster stairs. This allows for gathering crucial information about enemy strategies towards the B-site. In CS:GO, this required assistance from a teammate and did not provide the same line of sight.

Additionally, Valve introduced the Vertigo map alongside Overpass. However, Vertigo saw minimal changes in terms of positions. Furthermore, the July 17 update introduced the Wingman game mode and incorporated both Vertigo and Overpass into Casual and Deathmatch queues.