Best Football Managers of All Time


Best Football Managers of All Time

There are a popular quote and belief in football. Greatest player not necessarily makes the greatest manager all-time. Also, the greatest manager might not be the greatest player in the football field. A manager has a major role to play in the game of football. The stature of an elite and world-class manager is of the next level. It is because a top player can be replaced for a club but to fill the void of the top class manager is a difficult trade. In a few instances, elite managers are irreplaceable.

An elite manager can make a huge difference and can be highly influential in the way in which the team plays. He helps his side with the innovations, fitness regimes and his strategy and tactics. A great manager can revive the fortunes of a falling and struggling team or can lead a small team to the greatest heights. He becomes a major part of the success of a team in footballing history.

IN the game of football, there are many managers. To be specific, there are many great managers who have helped their clubs to reach the heights. However, there are only a few managers who were able to take the team to the greatest heights and achieve immortality for themselves. They have also won accolades, trophies, honors and have etched their names in the club history.

Here goes a list of top 5 managers who have etched the name in the football history:

#5) Rinus Michels

Rinus-michels-greatest-manager-of-all-timeRinus Michels was declared as the Manager of the Century by FIFA for his achievements on the footballing field in the managerial role. He won four Dutch leagues, a Spanish League title with Barcelona and European night in his club management with Ajax and Barcelona. He had a different style of play in the footballing field. If only the style of football was the only criteria to match the mangers, Rinus would have graced the summit.

Rinus Michels is known for his concept of Total Football. For him, he had the player of caliber like Johan Cruyff who never hesitated to put a step back in implementing the game plan. At the national football level, he led the Netherlands to the 1974 World Cup glory and brought the Netherlands to the podium in Euro 1988.

#4) Marcello Lippi

marcello-lippi-greatest-managers-of-all-timeThe Italian international started his career in management in 1985. In a list of the greatest managers which is always filled by either PL managers or La-Liga managers, Lippi is one of the exceptions to find himself in the list. He assumed the duties of Juventus head coach in 1994 and took the Old Lady to Champions League finals twice in two years. However, he could have his hands on trophy only once when they defeated Borussia Dortmund in 1995-9.

Even though Lippi couldn’t win the European glory once again in 2002-03, where Juventus lost to Milan in penalties, he is considered as one of the best managers as he took Juventus to 4 European final nights in eight years along with winning 5 Serie A titles.

Also in 2006, he helped the Italian national football team to win the World  Cup title in penalties against France after he assumed the duties in 2004,

#3) Vicente del Bosque

vicente-del-bosque-greatest-managers-off-all-timeThe Spanish international can be considered in the list of those managers who had a good reputation during his playing days apart from having one of the best managerial days. He has won trophies at both the country level and club level.

During his time, he has played for European heavyweights, Real Madrid and started his coaching career in 1994. After gaining the required experience at the managerial level, he became the coach of the greatest club in Spain in 1999.

Under his reign, Los Blancos won the Champions League twice in three years. Also, the club won two La-Liga titles in three years. At the national level, he helped the Spain national team to win their maiden World Cup title in 2010 after assuming his duties in 2008.

#2 Arsene Wenger

 arsene-wenger-greatest-of-all-timeIf one has to be credited for the name that Arsenal has today, it is their elderly manager, Arsene Wenger. He is best known for changing the style of play of the Gunners. He changed the boring style of play of Arsenal to the style which every club admired later on.

Being one of the most tactically superior managers of that time, Arsene Wenger led Arsenal to “the Invincibles” back in 2003/04. He had the likes of Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp to win the title which was seen for the first time in the century.

The manager has two French league titles, A Japanese League title, three Premier League titles and four FA Cups alongside some other small trophies. On a personal front, he was voted for “World Manager of the Year” in 1998.

#1 Sir Alex Ferguson

sir-alex-ferguson-greatest-managers-off-all-timeSir Alex Ferguson is not just a name for Manchester United fans. it is an emotion for them. He surpassed Matt Busby as Manchester United’s greatest ever manager and probably will remain as the greatest manager of all time.

Before he arrived at Stretford End, he made a name for himself by breaking the monarchy in the Scottish League to win three consecutive titles with Aberdeen. He also added four Scottish Cups to the clubs’ name before creating a big upset in Europe in which he defeated Los Blancos in UEFA Cup Winners’ final.

Even though he struggled in the initial days at Old Trafford, he had a firm vision to “knock Liverpool off their fucking perch”. After managing the side for nearly two decades, fans can assume that Sir Alex succeded in doing that. With Red Devils, he has won 10 Premier League titles, five Football Association Cups, three League Cups apart from few other small accolades.

Even till date, Manchester United fans remember him and miss him badly. After he left the club, the style of football has deteriorated badly and are in need of firm decisions. Can Ole get the club take back to the glory days of Sir Alex?