After a Series of Mutual Setbacks, Zews Makes a Comeback to Team Liquid


In the fast-paced world of esports, behind-the-scenes manoeuvres often outpace the gameplay itself. A prime example of this is Team Liquid’s recent move, reportedly securing the services of the Brazilian Counter-Strike expert, zews. Zews, a former standout player with a stellar track record, transitioned to coaching in 2015 and previously coached a Liquid lineup between November 2016 and December 2018.

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This revelation surfaced shortly after the surprising news that Liquid had parted ways with their previous Counter-Strike head coach, Damian “daps” Steele. This unexpected decision cast doubts on the future of their European venture. It’s worth noting that this shake-up occurred before the conclusion of the first tournament in the revamped Counter-Strike 2, even though Liquid failed to secure a spot in the event. This period should be an opportunity for teams to establish their presence on the competitive scene. Still, Liquid’s journey has been marked by setbacks, questionable decisions, and puzzling roster changes.

Given that daps was likely the key decision-maker behind Liquid’s controversial signings of Rainwaker and Patsi, both of which proved to be immediate disappointments, his departure appears to be a logical consequence. While adreN had previously led Liquid to Intel Grand Slam glory, overshadowing zews’ coaching tenure, the organization seems willing to bet on zews due to his extended experience and familiarity with the team’s inner workings.

After his departure from Liquid, zews went on to coach Yeah Gaming, MIBR, EG, O Plano, and Fluxo, with little impact on the top-tier CS scene. Liquid’s performance after adreN’s era has been less than stellar, which could explain their decision to revisit their past relationship with zews.

There are also reports indicating that Felipe “skullz” Medeiros, another Brazilian player with an impressive track record, has joined the team. This move reflects Liquid’s recent trend of shifting away from their traditional North American roots to form a more internationally diverse roster. The hope is that skullz will fare better than their previous talent acquisition, which saw one player benched within months and another reportedly released. Liquid appears to be counting on zews and skullz to inject new life into their faltering Counter-Strike project.

The sudden shift toward Brazilian talent suggests that recent rumors about the addition of cadiaN have been dismissed, adding further uncertainty to the project’s direction.