5 Challenges That Sourav Ganguly Will Have To Face As The BCCI President

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The former Indian Captain, Sourav Ganguly, has taken charge as the new BCCI president. Ganguly, when he was the captain of India, was really pro-active and took many brave calls with regard to picking the young players and backing them to the hilt.

But now, he is at the helm as an administrator and decision-making as an administrator needs a completely different level of understanding and vision.

Here are the 5 challenges Ganguly has in front of him as the BCCI president:

#1 Revenue sharing with ICC

When N Srinivasan was India’s representative at the ICC, he had pushed for a revenue sharing model where ICC had to give the BCCI an amount of 570 million dollars per FTP cycle, but as Shashank Manohar took charge of the ICC, he shot down that model. Manohar came up with a new model where India would get only 293 million dollars per FTP cycle.

Since, there was a power crisis within the BCCI in the last couple of years, BCCI couldn’t raise their voice strongly in the ICC meetings regarding the revenue sharing model. But, now with Ganguly in charge, he has all the authority to ask ICC to implement the model Srinivasan had suggested.

The logic behind Srinivasan’s model is that ICC generates most of the revenue because of the BCCI. The BCCI players attract most of the brands and the crowd to the stadium which ultimately results in the revenue for the ICC.

So, if BCCI is helping ICC generate the maximum revenue, they should get the maximum share as well. But, Shashank Manohar doesn’t agree to that as he is of the view that BCCI’s revenue model will get the rich boards richer and poor boards poorer.

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