19th Asian Games 2023 Hangzhou: Indian Volleyball team scripts historic win against 3-time Gold medalists South Korea

Asian Games 2023

When the Indian Volleyball team stepped out to lock horns against 3-time Asian Games Gold Medalists  South Korea, not many would have expected them to come out with a win. Tension within the Indian camp might have been very high but it is now certain that “Where’s a will, there’s way”.

India lost the first set at Hangzhou Olympics Sports Center by 25-27 to a South Korean team that looked very dangerous in the initial phase. The Indian contingent looked a little out of shape, rhythm and energy but ensured to make a terrific recovery towards the end, losing out by a gap of just 2 points.

That gap would not have mattered if they had capitalized on the high moments during the 1st set of a Best of 5. By the looks of India’s body language, some people might have thought that they are going to succumb further more under pressure but followed later was a jaw dropping moment.

Head coach Jaideep Sarkar during the break time before round 2 instilled some belief within his players that a comeback is possible. Ashwal Rai, the Indian Captain led from the front and received from his Hitters, Setters and the Blockers.


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Not just the South Koreans but all of the spectators inside the stadium were left stunned as India won by 29-27 in a dramatic turn of events. The Indians wearing a Red outfit followed their 2nd set win by a 3-point win the 3rd set.

India won it by 25-22 and the prospects of producing a huge upset started to look a lot realistic. But that was when the South Koreans held their nerves and named the 4th set to eqaulize the affair. Of course, tension rose once again within the Indian camp as a do-or-die situation awaited them.

Unlike the previous sets, only 15 points would have handed both teams victory in 5th and final set. South Korea started pretty well gaining a decent lead before India crawled back once again. At one point, the match looked to be slipping away from India’s hand but the scores were level at 15-15 in no time.

2 points were required to get the win and India were the ones to win it. A 17-15 finish handed the Indian Volleyball team their 2nd consecutive win in Asian Games 2023 as they secured an easy 3-0 win over Cambodia.

Japan, China, Iran and South Korea are the powerhouses of Asian Volleyball and India have unsettled Korea already. It remains to be seen how India will perform in the following rounds but today’s win could be the difference maker.