World Cup Largest victories (By balls remaining in the second innings)

World Cup Largest victories (By balls remaining in the second innings)

Whilst the world cup has witnessed some of the most exciting matches ever since it came into existence, there have been few one-sided games as well. All these matches have been won quite convincingly by the victorious teams and this is where they got themselves registered in the records books in the process. With that been said, let’s take a look at the world cup largest victories ( by ball remaining in the second innings).


WinnerMarginBalls RemTargetOversMaxOppositionGroundMatch Date
England8 wickets2774613.560.0v CanadaManchester13 Jun 1979
Sri Lanka9 wickets272374.450.0v CanadaPaarl19 Feb 2003
New Zealand10 wickets252708.050.0v KenyaChennai20 Feb 2011
Sri Lanka8 wickets2407810.050.0v IrelandSt George's18 Apr 2007
West Indies8 wickets2396910.150.0v ScotlandLeicester27 May 1999
West Indies9 wickets2368720.460.0v Sri LankaManchester7 Jun 1975
South Africa10 wickets22810912.050.0v BangladeshBloemfontein22 Feb 2003
Australia9 wickets2269212.250.0v IrelandBridgetown13 Apr 2007
West Indies9 wickets2265912.250.0v BangladeshDhaka4 Mar 2011
New Zealand8 wickets22612412.250.0v EnglandWellington20 Feb 2015
England9 wickets21513724.160.0v Sri LankaLeeds20 Jun 1983
Australia7 wickets20813115.250.0v ScotlandHobart14 Mar 2015
Australia7 wickets20410626.060.0v CanadaBirmingham16 Jun 1979
New Zealand6 wickets19312217.550.0v ScotlandEdinburgh31 May 1999
South Africa9 wickets19213418.050.0v Sri LankaSydney18 Mar 2015
Australia4 wickets1889428.460.0v EnglandLeeds18 Jun 1975
Sri Lanka9 wickets18814318.450.0v KenyaColombo (RPS)1 Mar 2011
India9 wickets18710318.550.0v U.A.E.Perth28 Feb 2015
South Africa9 wickets18415519.250.0v EnglandBridgetown17 Apr 2007
India10 wickets18112129.560.0v East AfricaLeeds11 Jun 1975
Australia7 wickets18117919.550.0v BangladeshChester-le-Street27 May 1999
Australia8 wickets17913320.150.0v PakistanLord's20 Jun 1999
West Indies7 wickets17720320.350.0v CanadaCenturion23 Feb 2003
Pakistan10 wickets17511320.550.0v West IndiesDhaka23 Mar 2011
Sri Lanka10 wickets17312521.150.0v BangladeshPietermaritzburg14 Feb 2003
South Africa10 wickets17214121.250.0v KenyaPotchefstroom12 Feb 2003
Australia9 wickets16612622.250.0v IndiaCenturion15 Feb 2003
New Zealand5 wickets16219723.050.0v CanadaBenoni3 Mar 2003
New Zealand1 wicket16115223.150.0v AustraliaAuckland28 Feb 2015


Top 10 Largest victories by balls in World Cup

#1. England vs Canada(1979 world cup)

This was the match where the English team completely demolished the opposition whilst securing a victory by 8 wickets at the Manchester ground. Moreover, one of the most interesting things here was the total number of balls remaining (277) as the matches those days used to be of 60 over each side.

#2. Sri Lanka vs Canada (2003 world cup)

This was another match in the world cup 2003 which came out to be a one-sided affair. The Canadian team posted only 37 runs on board which was easily been chased by the Sri Lankan team with 272 balls remaining. They won the match by 9 wickets and the victory was quite special in terms of the 50 over format.

#3. New Zealand vs Kenya (2011 world cup)

This was one of another match where the Kiwis almost thrashed the Kenyan team by 10 wickets whilst chasing a target of 70 runs. One of the most interesting facts about this victory was the number of balls left in the Kiwi chase ( 252) which made it a splendid effort altogether.

New Zealand vs Kenya 2011 world cupimage source

#4. Srilanka vs Ireland (2007 world cup)

The Lankan team played this match against the Irish team in the world cup 2007 and it also came as a one-sided affair in the process. Ireland got bundled out for a paltry score of 77 runs which was been chased without any issue by the Lankan team with 8 wickets and 240 balls to spare.

#5. West Indies vs Scotland (1999 world cup)

West Indies didn’t have much to take form their world cup 1999 campaign but they at least got this victory against the Scottish team in a convincing manner. The Caribbean side easily chased down the 69 runs target set by the Scotland team with 8 wickets remaining along with 239 deliveries.

#6. West Indies vs Srilanka (1975 world cup)

Those were the days when the Windies team used to be the world superpower and won every match without any big effort on the line. Such was their clash against the minnow’s Sri Lankan team in the world cup 1975 where they chased the 87 runs target with 9 wickets and 236 balls to spare.

#7. South Africa vs Bangladesh (2003 world cup)

The South African team was playing at their own backyard and they were almost certain to win the trophy until been beaten in the semifinals. This was their match against the Bangladesh team where they scored an easy chase of 109 runs with 10 wickets remaining and 228 balls to spare.

South Africa vs Bangladesh 2003 world cupimage source
#8. Australia vs Ireland (2007 world cup)

Australia won the 2007 world cup quite easily and they stayed unbeaten during their whole campaign. One of their victories against the Irish team came in a convincing passion when the Aussie team chased down the 92 runs scored with 9 wickets remaining and 226 balls to spare.

#9. West Indies vs Bangladesh (2011 world cup)

This was a debacle for the Bangladeshi team when they were bundled out for just 58 runs and the West Indian team easily won the match by 9 wickets in the process. Moreover, there were 226 balls to spare and that is what makes this win more brutal in the whole context.

#10. New Zealand vs England (2015 world cup)

The Kiwis were on a role in the world cup 2015 and they thrashed every team in the process of reaching to the finals of the tournament. One of their group matches involved a convincing victory against the English team where they easily chased down the 124 runs target with 8 wickets and 226 balls to spare.

New Zealand vs England ( 2015 world cup)image source

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