World Cup Highest totals

World Cup Highest totals

The ongoing series between England and Pakistan has confirmed that there will be a lot of runs on offer for the upcoming world cup and the teams with the best batting line up got all the reasons to smile about. Moreover, the world cup has witnessed run fest on quite a number of occasions and there have been times when the teams have crossed the 400 marks as well. With that said, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 world cup highest totals till now.


TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
Australia417/650.08.341v AfghanistanPerth4 Mar 2015
India413/550.08.261v BermudaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
South Africa411/450.08.221v IrelandCanberra3 Mar 2015
South Africa408/550.08.161v West IndiesSydney27 Feb 2015
Sri Lanka398/550.07.961v KenyaKandy6 Mar 1996
New Zealand393/650.07.861v West IndiesWellington21 Mar 2015
Australia377/650.07.541v South AfricaBasseterre24 Mar 2007
Australia376/950.07.521v Sri LankaSydney8 Mar 2015
India373/650.07.461v Sri LankaTaunton26 May 1999
West Indies372/250.07.441v ZimbabweCanberra24 Feb 2015
India370/450.07.401v BangladeshDhaka19 Feb 2011
New Zealand363/550.07.261v CanadaGros Islet22 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka363/950.07.261v ScotlandHobart11 Mar 2015
West Indies360/450.07.201v Sri LankaKarachi13 Oct 1987
Australia359/250.07.181v IndiaJohannesburg23 Mar 2003
Australia358/550.07.161v NetherlandsBasseterre18 Mar 2007
New Zealand358/650.07.161v CanadaMumbai13 Mar 2011
South Africa356/450.07.121v West IndiesSt George's10 Apr 2007
South Africa353/340.08.821v NetherlandsBasseterre16 Mar 2007
South Africa351/550.07.021v NetherlandsMohali3 Mar 2011
Pakistan34949.57.001v ZimbabweKingston21 Mar 2007
Australia348/650.06.961v New ZealandSt George's20 Apr 2007
Australia342/950.06.841v EnglandMelbourne14 Feb 2015
South Africa341/650.06.821v U.A.E.Wellington12 Mar 2015
Zimbabwe340/250.06.801v NamibiaHarare10 Feb 2003
South Africa339/450.06.781v ZimbabweHamilton15 Feb 2015
Pakistan339/650.06.781v U.A.E.Napier4 Mar 2015
India33849.56.781v EnglandBengaluru27 Feb 2011
England338/850.06.762v IndiaBengaluru27 Feb 2011
Pakistan338/560.05.631v Sri LankaSwansea9 Jun 1983
Australia334/650.06.681v ScotlandBasseterre14 Mar 2007
England334/460.05.561v IndiaLord's7 Jun 1975
England333/960.05.551v Sri LankaTaunton11 Jun 1983
Sri Lanka332/750.06.641v CanadaHambantota20 Feb 2011
Sri Lanka332/150.06.641v BangladeshMelbourne26 Feb 2015
New Zealand331/750.06.621v KenyaGros Islet20 Mar 2007
New Zealand331/650.06.621v Sri LankaChristchurch14 Feb 2015
Ireland331/850.06.621v ZimbabweHobart7 Mar 2015
West Indies330/850.06.601v NetherlandsDelhi28 Feb 2011
Pakistan330/660.05.501v Sri LankaNottingham14 Jun 1975
Ireland329/749.16.692v EnglandBengaluru2 Mar 2011
India329/250.06.581v KenyaBristol23 May 1999
South Africa328/350.06.561v NetherlandsRawalpindi5 Mar 1996
Australia328/750.06.561v IndiaSydney26 Mar 2015
Australia328/560.05.461v Sri LankaThe Oval11 Jun 1975
England327/850.06.541v IrelandBengaluru2 Mar 2011
Sri Lanka327/650.06.541v ZimbabwePallekele10 Mar 2011
Zimbabwe32649.36.582v IrelandHobart7 Mar 2015
Australia324/650.06.481v KenyaBengaluru13 Mar 2011


Top 10 Highest totals in World Cup

#1. Australia scored 417/6 against Afghanistan (2015 world cup)

The world cup 2015 was like a fairy tale for the Aussie team and they have not put any foot wrong on their way to the title. It was their match against Afghanistan where they went all guns blazing and scored a mammoth 417 for 6 at the Perth ground. This was the highest ever score recorded in a world cup match to date.

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#2. India scored 413/ 5 against Bermuda (2007 world cup)

India did have a nightmare world cup in the 2007 and one of the only positives for them in the process was a world record score against the minnows Bermuda. The Indian team piled on a score of 413 for 5 and easily secured the victory in a match played at Port of Spain. India vs Bermuda is the highest totals match in the world cup 2007.

#3. South Africa scored 411/4 against Ireland (2015 world cup)

South Africa went on a great run in the world cup 2015 until they have been outclassed by the Kiwis in the semis of the tournament. Still one of their biggest wins came against the Ireland where they put on a score 411 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in a match played at Canberra.

#4. South Africa scored 408/5 against West Indies (2015 world cup)

South African team was on a role in the world cup 2015 and they continued their brilliance against the West Indies team in a match played at Sydney cricket ground. They have put on a score of 408 runs for the loss of 5 wickets and this came as the third highest score of the same world cup.

#5. Sri Lanka scored 398/5 against Kenya (1996 world cup)

The world cup 1996 was Srilanka’s world cup in every sense. First, they went on to enter the quarterfinals with two matches forfeited in their favor and lately winning the trophy in the process. It was their match against the Kenya where they scored 398 for 5 in a match played at the Kandy ground.

#6. New Zealand scored 393/6 against West Indies (2015 world cup)

Kiwis have had a brilliant world cup in 2015 before they went on to lose the finals against the mighty Aussies. Still, it was their run fest at their own backyard which kept them undefeated in the stages. One of their matches included a high total of 393 for 6 and it came against the West Indies team at Wellington.

#7. Australia scored 377/6 against South Africa (2007 world cup)

2007 world cup was one of the most monotonous of all the editions and this was the reason it got low TRPs across various channels. Still, there was a match between Australia and South Africa at Basseterre which came out as high scoring match of the tournament. The Aussie team scored 377 for 6 and won the match eventually.

#8. Australia scored 376/9 against Sri Lanka (2015 world cup)

2015 world cup was a run fest in all sorts and it has seen the most number of high scoring matches till now. One such match was between Australia and Sri Lanka where the latter scored 376 for the loss of 9 wickets at the Sydney ground. Australia won the match and later went on to win the world cup. Australia vs Sri Lanka is the highest totals match in the world cup 2015.

#9. India scored 373/6 against Sri Lanka (1999 world cup)

India scored a mammoth 373 runs for the loss of 6 wickets all thanks to big contributions by Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid. The match was played at Taunton and Indian team easily secured the victory in the process. India vs Sri Lanka is the highest totals match in the world cup 1999.

#10. West Indies scored 372/2 against Zimbabwe (2015 world cup)

This was another high scoring thriller where the Caribbean team scored 372 runs for the loss of 2 wickets and the duo of Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels held a world record partnership of 372 runs for the 2nd wicket in the process.

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