World Cup Highest Strike Rates

World Cup Highest Strike Rates

Highest Strike Rates: Strike rate holds big relevance in the context of a match if a team is chasing or giving a big target to their opponent in the world cricket. There have been matches where a particular team has lost just because their batsman has not been able to keep up with the required run rate and eventually threw their wicket out of the whole pressure. Still, there are few batsmen who have maintained a healthy strike rate throughout their careers and kept on going with the same even in the world cups.


L Klusener (SA)1999-2003141137257124.00121.17
BB McCullum (NZ)2003-2015342774210133.72120.84
DA Warner (AUS)2015-20158834517849.28120.20
AB de Villiers (SA)2007-201523221207162*63.52117.29
N Kapil Dev (INDIA)1979-19922624669175*37.16115.14
Shahid Afridi (PAK)1999-201527243253714.13112.45
JM Davison (CAN)2003-2011141434011126.15110.38
PR Stirling (IRE)2011-2015121231610126.33110.10
SR Watson (AUS)2007-201522196439453.58108.06
SK Raina (INDIA)2011-2015129358110*59.66107.50
Moin Khan (PAK)1992-199920142866328.60106.31
V Sehwag (INDIA)2003-2011222284317538.31106.17
GD Elliott (NZ)2015-20159831084*44.28105.44
SC Williams (ZIM)2007-201511114929654.66101.23
Wasim Akram (PAK)1987-200338304264319.36101.18
JP Duminy (SA)2011-20151312388115*43.1199.74
AC Gilchrist (AUS)1999-20073131108514936.1698.01
MJ Clarke (AUS)2007-2015252188893*63.4294.16
AD Mathews (SL)2011-201515102895136.1294.13
MV Boucher (SA)1999-2007251938175*27.2194.07
GC Wilson (IRE)2011-201510102638026.3093.59
A Symonds (AUS)2003-20071813515143*103.0093.29
TM Dilshan (SL)2007-201527251112161*52.9592.97
ML Hayden (AUS)2003-2007222198715851.9492.93
SPD Smith (AUS)2011-2015141045510556.8792.85
AJ Finch (AUS)2015-20158828013535.0092.10
AL Logie (WI)1983-1992151328265*25.6391.85
S Dhawan (INDIA)2015-20158841213751.5091.75
RG Sharma (INDIA)2015-20158833013747.1491.66
Shaiman Anwar (UAE)2015-20156631110651.8391.47
BJ Haddin (AUS)2011-201515114588850.8891.41
HM Amla (SA)2011-2015151563915942.6091.41
MS Dhoni (INDIA)2007-2015201750791*42.2591.18
CH Gayle (WI)2003-2015262694421537.7691.11
A Balbirnie (IRE)2015-2015662369739.3390.76
ST Jayasuriya (SL)1992-20073837116512034.2690.66
KJ O'Brien (IRE)2007-2015202049911327.7290.39
Yuvraj Singh (INDIA)2003-2011232173811352.7190.33
E Chigumbura (ZIM)2007-201513132353823.5090.03
KJ Coetzer (SCOT)2015-20156625315642.1689.71
MJ Guptill (NZ)2011-20151717809237*57.7889.39
SR Tendulkar (INDIA)1992-20114544227815256.9588.98
BRM Taylor (ZIM)2007-2015151569013846.0088.68
SB Styris (NZ)2003-2011262290914153.4788.59
RN ten Doeschate (NL)2007-20119943511962.1488.41
MJ Greatbatch (NZ)1992-1992773137344.7187.92
JN Rhodes (SA)1992-200324203544320.8287.84
HH Gibbs (SA)1999-20072523106714356.1587.38
MW Gatting (ENG)1983-198715134376039.7287.05
CR Ervine (ZIM)2011-201512123908532.5086.85


10 Cricketers with Highest Strike Rates in World Cup

#1. Lance Klusener (South Africa)

Klusener once used to be a big threat for the bowlers of the opposition and he has kept his dominance over them for almost a decade, It doesn’t matter if he is playing a spinner or pacer, he has maintained the same strike rate on course. Talking about his world cup career, he has scored 372 runs in 14 matches at an average of 124. During the process; he has maintained a strike rate of 121.17 which is simply phenomenal.

Lance KlusenerImage Source

#2. Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)

“ Baz” is always known as a brutal hitter of the cricket ball and he has thrashed even the best bowlers around on his day. If we look into his world cup career, he has scored 742 runs in 34 matches wherein his average has been 33.72. Moreover, his strike rate has been quite sensational at 120.84 during the same.

Brendon McCullumImage Source

#3. David Warner (Australia)

Warner is one of the most explosive batsmen of the current era and this left-hand batsman has proved his prowess in all the formats of the game. Talking about his world cup career, he has amassed 345 runs in 8 matches at an average of 49.28 and his strike rate has been a magnificent 120.20.

David WarnerImage Source

#4. AB De Villiers (South Africa)

De Villiers may have retired from International cricket but he has left a legacy of being the Mr. 360 of cricket for a long time in the process. He has scored 1207 runs in his 23 matches long world cup career and his average during the same is 63.58. Still, it’s his strike rate of 117.29 which made his grab all those big hits and mighty blows during any given match.

AB De VilliersImage Source

#5. Kapil Dev (India)

Kapil Dev was always been known for his attacking batting and sheer aggression and even whilst being a renowned bowler, he has continued his great run with the bat alongside. Talking about his world cup career, Kapil Dev has secured 669 runs in 26 matches at an average of 37.16. Still, it’s his strike rate of 115.14 which grabbed all the eyeballs during his career.

Kapil DevImage Source

#6. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

Afridi is been largely known for his mighty hits and aggressive batting and he has made some great records in the process. If we have a look into his world cup career, he has made 325 runs in 27 matches at an average of just 14.13. Even though his scoring was a concern for his tea, his strike rate of 112.45 kept him in the team for long.

Shahid AfridiImage Source

#7. Jamie Davison (Canada)

Davison was one of the only players from the Canadian team which made it big in the world cup with some prolific batting. He once scored a century against the West Indies team but his team didn’t been able to capitalize on the same. Still, his world cup record states 340 runs in 14 matches and he has carried a strike rate of 110.38 in the process.

Jamie Davison Highest Strike RatesImage Source

#8. Paul Stirling (Ireland)

Stirling is anchoring the Irish side since long now and this might be his last world cup. Still, this magnificent player has taken his team home numerous times with both bat and ball. His world cup career says 316 runs in the 12 matches that he played and he grabbed a strike rate of 110.10 during the same.

Paul Stirling Highest Strike RatesImage Source

#9. Shane Watson (Australia)

Watson has been a sheer threat to most of the bowlers around during his era and even after his retirement, he is going great in the T20 leagues around the world. If we look into his world cup career, he scored 643 runs in 22 matches with a strike rate of 108.06. Watson is the highest strike rates cricketer in the world cup.

Shane Watson Highest Strike RatesImage Source

#10. Suresh Raina (India)

Raina once used to be the backbone of the Indian batting but his recent poor run has made him out of contention form the Indian world cup squad. Still, this prolific player holds a career record of 358 runs in 12 matches with a strike rate of 107.50. Raina is the highest strike rates cricketer in the world cup.

Suresh Raina Highest Strike RatesImage Source

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