World Cup Highest Partnerships by Wicket

Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar

World Cup Highest Partnerships: There is a famous saying “ It takes two for a Tango”! Same goes true when it comes to deciding the overall outcome of a cricket match. You might win the match on a single performance but it takes a team effort to win trophies. The perspective holds its relevance in the world cup as well where most of the teams have put their hands on the coveted trophy out of some exceptional team game. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 10 highest partnership by wickets in the world cup.


WktRunsPartnersTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
9th126*N Kapil Dev, SMH KirmaniIndiav ZimbabweTunbridge Wells18 Jun 1983
8th117DL Houghton, IP ButchartZimbabwev New ZealandHyderabad (Deccan)10 Oct 1987
7th107Shaiman Anwar, Amjad JavedU.A.E.v IrelandBrisbane25 Feb 2015
7th107Amjad Javed, Nasir AzizU.A.E.v West IndiesNapier15 Mar 2015
6th162KJ O'Brien, AR CusackIrelandv EnglandBengaluru2 Mar 2011
5th256*DA Miller, JP DuminySouth Africav ZimbabweHamilton15 Feb 2015
4th204MJ Clarke, BJ HodgeAustraliav NetherlandsBasseterre18 Mar 2007
3rd237*R Dravid, SR TendulkarIndiav KenyaBristol23 May 1999
2nd372CH Gayle, MN SamuelsWest Indiesv ZimbabweCanberra24 Feb 2015
1st282WU Tharanga, TM DilshanSri Lankav ZimbabwePallekele10 Mar 2011
10th71AME Roberts, J GarnerWest Indiesv IndiaManchester9 Jun 1983


1st Wicket: Upul Tharanga & TM Dilshan (Sri Lanka)

Upul Tharanga & Dilshan were key to Srilankan batting in the 2011 world cup and their partnership of 282 runs for the opening wicket against Zimbabwe was another one in the same context. The match took place at the Palleklele stadium and Srilanka eventually won the game as a result.

2nd Wicket: Chris Gayle & Marlon Samuels (West Indies)

Gayle and Samuels have won numerous matches for their team in recent years and this comes as one of the main reason for the revival of the Caribbean team in the cricket world. This was a match against the Zimbabwe team in the 2015 world cup at Canberra where they both held for 372 runs and won the match for their team quite convincingly.

3rd Wicket: Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Dravid and Sachin have played together for almost a decade and they have secured some of the most memorable moments for their country with their high-class batting in the process. Their partnership of 237 runs against Kenya in the 1999 world cup was one of the lists and secured an easy victory for the Indian team at the Bristol ground.

4th Wicket: M Clarke and Brad Hodge (Australia)

Best World Cup Highest Partnerships between Both Clarke and Hodge came as the firepower in the middle order for the Aussies in the late 2000s. Together they have built some magnificent partnership for this country and this one was really special in all regards. They scored 204 runs against the Netherlands in the 2007 world cup and got their team home in a convincing manner in the process.

5th Wicket: David Miller and JP Duminy (South Africa)

Best World Cup Highest Partnerships between Duminy and Miller was the deadly combo of “Calmness and sheer power” and they have proved their prowess together whilst building this record partnership against the Zimbabwe team at Hamilton during the 2015 world cup. Proteas won the match and strengthen their hopes for the semis in the process.

6th Wicket: Kevin O Brian & AR Cusack (Ireland)

This was one of the biggest upsets of the 2011 world cup where the minnows Ireland thrashed the English team in a nail-biting finish and the architect of the same victory was the partnership held between Brian and Cusack. The match has been held at the Bengaluru and both of them scored 162 runs for the partnership and took their team home in the process.
7th Wicket: Amjad Javed and Nasir Aziz (UAE)
This was one of the exceptional matches where an associate nation has made a significant effort against a test playing nation. The pair of Amjad Javed and Nasir Aziz scored 107 runs for the 7th wicket to help their team putting up a decent challenge against the mighty Caribbean’s. Although UAE lost the match, this partnership went into the record books as the highest partnership in the world cup for the 7th wicket.
8th Wicket: Dave Houghton & IP Butchart (Zimbabwe)
The Zimbabwe team was quite strong in the late 90s and they have occasionally challenged the bigger teams ever now and then ion the same process. This was the match in the 1987 world cup where the pair of Houghton and Butchart has held a partnership of 117 runs for the 8th wicket against the Kiwis at Hyderabad.
9th Wicket: Kapil Dev & Syed Kirmani (India)
It’s quite rare that a wicketkeeper walks in to bat at number 8 but such was the case for Syed Kirmani who came to bat and he partnered along with the brilliant Kapil dev to secure an unbelievable victory for their team in a crucial tie. They both scored 126 runs as a partnership and eventually won the match for their team in the process.
10th Wicket: Andy Roberts & J Garner (West Indies)
This happened during the 1983 world cup where the pair of Garner and Roberts held a record partnership of 71 runs against India in the finals but still hasn’t been able to win the match for their team.


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