World Cup Highest Match Aggregates

Highest Match Aggregates

The world cup is been home to some of the most memorable records and performance ever since it came into existence in the year 1975. There have been numerous records created, broken and recreated in the process which has made it shine even brighter. One of such records are the highest aggregates during a match in the world cup where two teams have scored seen mountains of runs along with a chain of wickets during the same time. With that been said, let’s have a look at the big list in the same regards.


Team 1Team 2RunsWktsOversRRGroundMatch Date
AustraliaSri Lanka6881896.27.14Sydney8 Mar 2015
IndiaEngland6761899.56.77Bengaluru27 Feb 2011
AustraliaSouth Africa6711698.06.84Basseterre24 Mar 2007
West IndiesZimbabwe6611294.36.99Canberra24 Feb 2015
IrelandZimbabwe6571899.36.60Hobart7 Mar 2015
EnglandIreland6561599.16.61Bengaluru2 Mar 2011
BangladeshIndia65313100.06.53Dhaka19 Feb 2011
Sri LankaKenya65212100.06.52Kandy6 Mar 1996
West IndiesSouth Africa64513100.06.45St George's10 Apr 2007
New ZealandWest Indies6431680.37.98Wellington21 Mar 2015
BangladeshScotland6401298.16.51Nelson5 Mar 2015
PakistanSri Lanka62614120.05.21Swansea9 Jun 1983
Sri LankaZimbabwe6251199.26.29New Plymouth23 Feb 1992
IrelandSouth Africa6211495.06.53Canberra3 Mar 2015
EnglandSri Lanka621797.26.38Wellington1 Mar 2015
CanadaNew Zealand61915100.06.19Mumbai13 Mar 2011
EnglandSri Lanka61919118.05.24Taunton11 Jun 1983
South AfricaZimbabwe6161498.26.26Hamilton15 Feb 2015
IrelandNetherlands6131497.46.27Kolkata18 Mar 2011
CanadaNew Zealand6121499.26.16Gros Islet22 Mar 2007
IrelandWest Indies6111395.56.37Nelson16 Feb 2015
AustraliaSri Lanka6049120.05.03The Oval11 Jun 1975
West IndiesEngland6011999.46.03Bridgetown21 Apr 2007
IndiaSouth Africa5961798.26.06Nagpur12 Mar 2011
AustraliaIndia5931289.26.63Johannesburg23 Mar 2003
IndiaSri Lanka5891692.36.36Taunton26 May 1999
EnglandNetherlands5881098.45.95Nagpur22 Feb 2011
AustraliaKenya58812100.05.88Bengaluru13 Mar 2011
New ZealandSouth Africa5801185.56.75Auckland24 Mar 2015
ScotlandSri Lanka5781993.16.20Hobart11 Mar 2015
New ZealandBangladesh5781498.55.84Hamilton13 Mar 2015
IndiaZimbabwe5751497.35.89Auckland14 Mar 2015
AustraliaNew Zealand5751397.55.87Chennai11 Mar 1996
AustraliaEngland5731991.56.23Melbourne14 Feb 2015
BangladeshSri Lanka5721197.05.89Melbourne26 Feb 2015
U.A.E.Zimbabwe5711398.05.82Nelson19 Feb 2015
BermudaIndia5691593.16.10Port of Spain19 Mar 2007
AustraliaWest Indies56518118.44.76Lord's21 Jun 1975
New ZealandSri Lanka5641696.15.86Christchurch14 Feb 2015
NamibiaNetherlands5641496.55.82Bloemfontein3 Mar 2003
IndiaKenya5649100.05.64Bristol23 May 1999
AustraliaZimbabwe56210100.05.62Lord's9 Jun 1999
AustraliaIndia5611796.55.79Sydney26 Mar 2015
South AfricaWest Indies5591583.16.72Sydney27 Feb 2015
AustraliaAfghanistan5591687.36.38Perth4 Mar 2015
IrelandU.A.E.5571799.25.60Brisbane25 Feb 2015
South AfricaWest Indies5531499.05.58Cape Town9 Feb 2003
IndiaSri Lanka5511098.25.60Mumbai2 Apr 2011


Top 10 World Cup Highest match aggregates

#1. Australia vs Sri Lanka (2015 world cup)

The match was held at the Sydney ground during the 2015 world cup and both the teams went on to see a nail-biting contest in the process. There were 688 runs scored during the day with 18 wickets falling and this came as the match with the highest aggregate in the world cup history. The run rate came up as 7.14 on average for both the innings which is quite unbelievable.

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#2. India vs England (2011 world cup)

The pitch of Bangalore is always been known as a paradise for the batters and the same thing happened during the 2011 world cup clash between India and England. Although the match ended in a tie there were 676 runs which got scored in the process along with 18 wickets. Moreover, the run rate came as 6.77 on average.

# 3. Australia vs South Africa (2007 world cup)

Although the 2007 world cup was been quoted as the most “monotonous “, it still involved some of the juiciest contests between best of the teams. One such match was there between arch rivals South Africa and Australia and the same match saw 671 runs scored in a day with 16 wickets from both sides. On the other side, the run rate came at 6.84 on average.

#4. West Indies vs Zimbabwe (2015 world cup)

This was another match of the world cup 2015 which has witnessed a run fest form both the ends. Talking about the numbers, 661 runs got scored with only 12 wickets falling from each side and this certainly tells us the flatness of wicket in the same match at Canberra.

#5. Ireland vs Zimbabwe (2015 world cup)

2015 world cup has witnessed the most numbers of runs and this is another one in the list of highest aggregates. The match got played between Ireland and Zimbabwe at Hobart and it saw 657 runs scored during the day with just 18 wickets falling in the process.

# 6. England vs Ireland (2011 world cup)

This can certainly be quoted as the biggest upsets of the world cup 2011 where Ireland secured an unbelievable victory against the English team in a high scoring battle. There were 656 runs scored during the whole day with just 15 wickets falling and the ground was none other than Bengaluru which is a flat surface in all sorts.

#7. India vs Bangladesh (2011 world cup)

India did start their world cup winning a campaign on a high as they beat Bangladesh in a run-fest at Dhaka. Total 653 runs got scored in the process with only 13 wickets falling in the day and the average run rate came during the same was 6.53. India vs Bangladesh is the highest match aggregates in world cup 2011.

#8. Sri Lanka vs Kenya (1996 world cup)

This was one of the rare occasions where a world cup match in the 90s went into the high scoring mark. The match was been held between Sri Lanka and Kenya and saw 652 runs scored with 12 wickets falling overall. The match went till the last ball and it was the Sri Lankan team which emerged out as victorious during the process.

#9. West Indies vs South Africa (2007 world cup)

West Indian pitches were never been known for high scoring matches but this one was quite an exception to the same. The match has been held between the host and the South African team in the world cup 2007 and witnessed 645 runs with 13 wickets falling in the day.

#10. New Zealand vs West Indies (2015 world cup)

This was the match where Martin Guptill scored a record 237 not out and with stern reply from the West Indian side, the fans saw 643 runs scored in the whole day with the falling of just 16 wickets. The pitch at Wellington assisted the batsman big time and the fans were really up for a treat. New Zealand vs West Indies is the highest match aggregates in world cup 2015.

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