World Cup Highest Averages

World Cup Highest Averages

Cricket is generally been known as a batsman game and over the years, the fans have witnessed some of the best knocks by one of the greatest batsman around. The world cup is one of such stages where the best teams assembled to fight for the world cup glory and this is where you can certainly evaluate the caliber of a certain player. Right into the same context, let’s take a look at the top 10 best world cup batting averages.


L Klusener (SA)1999-2003141137257124.00121.17
A Symonds (AUS)2003-20071813515143*103.0093.29
AB de Villiers (SA)2007-201523221207162*63.52117.29
MJ Clarke (AUS)2007-2015252188893*63.4294.16
IVA Richards (WI)1975-19872321101318163.3185.05
R Dravid (INDIA)1999-2007222186014561.4274.97
GM Turner (NZ)1975-19831414612171*61.2064.01
MJ Guptill (NZ)2011-20151717809237*57.7889.39
SR Tendulkar (INDIA)1992-20114544227815256.9588.98
SPD Smith (AUS)2011-2015141045510556.8792.85
KC Sangakkara (SL)2003-20153735153212456.7486.55
HH Gibbs (SA)1999-20072523106714356.1587.38
SC Ganguly (INDIA)1999-20072121100618355.8877.50
MD Crowe (NZ)1983-19922121880100*55.0083.57
SC Williams (ZIM)2007-201511114929654.66101.23
DC Boon (AUS)1987-1992161681510054.3372.96
DI Gower (ENG)1979-1983121143413054.2582.35
GP Thorpe (ENG)1996-199911103798954.1473.73
F du Plessis (SA)2011-2015141353910953.9084.48
Rameez Raja (PAK)1987-19961616700119*53.8464.10
Saeed Anwar (PAK)1996-20032121915113*53.8279.08
SR Watson (AUS)2007-201522196439453.58108.06
SB Styris (NZ)2003-2011262290914153.4788.59
TM Dilshan (SL)2007-201527251112161*52.9592.97
ME Waugh (AUS)1992-19992222100413052.8483.73
Yuvraj Singh (INDIA)2003-2011232173811352.7190.33
ML Hayden (AUS)2003-2007222198715851.9492.93
BJ Haddin (AUS)2011-201515114588850.8891.41
AJ Lamb (ENG)1983-1992191765610250.4684.10
DR Martyn (AUS)1999-2003121035288*50.2880.00
Misbah-ul-Haq (PAK)2011-2015151359883*49.8374.56
Zaheer Abbas (PAK)1975-19831414597103*49.7578.34
RG Twose (NZ)1996-199915154939249.3074.35
SR Waugh (AUS)1987-19993330978120*48.9081.02
GR Marsh (AUS)1987-19921313579126*48.2558.66
KP Pietersen (ENG)2007-2011131357510447.9184.06
AC Hudson (SA)1992-1996121257116147.5877.37
G Kirsten (SA)1996-20032121806188*47.4175.46
RR Sarwan (WI)2003-201121207399246.1875.87
A Ranatunga (SL)1983-1999302996988*46.1480.95
BRM Taylor (ZIM)2007-2015151569013846.0088.68
JH Kallis (SA)1996-201136321148128*45.9274.40
RT Ponting (AUS)1996-201146421743140*45.8679.95
CG Greenidge (WI)1975-19831515591106*45.4659.15
NS Sidhu (INDIA)1987-199612104549345.4078.81
GA Gooch (ENG)1979-1992212189711544.8563.25
MG Bevan (AUS)1996-2003261853774*44.7564.38
CH Lloyd (WI)1975-1983171139310243.6684.88
MS Atapattu (SL)1999-2003151552112443.4179.29
Javed Miandad (PAK)1975-19963330108310343.3268.02


#1. Lance Klusener (South Africa)

Famous with his nickname “ Zulu”, Klusener has been phenomenal with both bat and ball and he was one of the biggest reasons behind South Africa’s stern challenge for the world cup trophy over the years. Moreover, he has scored 372 runs in the 14 matches that he played for his country in the world cup and his average is an unbelievable 124.00.

#2. Andrew Symonds (Australia)

Known as one of the biggest hitters of the cricket ball, Symonds has been a big threat for most of the bowler during his era. Still, his batting in the world cup saw him scored 515 runs in 18 matches with a best of 143 not out. His average of 103 certainly puts him into the category of some magnificent players of the cricket ball.

#3. AB Devilliers (South Africa)

You certainly can’t finish up with the list of best batsman if you have not included Mr. 360.ABD has been quite impeccable in recent years and even though he has recently retired, he has left a legacy behind. His world cup batting card is lesser than no one and he has scored 1207 runs in 23 matches and his highest has been 162 not out. Moreover, his average has been quite impressive at 63.52.

AB De VilliersImage Source

#4. Micheal Clarke (Australia)

Clarke can surely be counted amongst the best Aussie batsman of all times and his world cup record is also no exception. He has played 25 matches until his retirement in 2015 and he has scored 888 runs in the process. Whilst his highest score has been 93 not out, his highest averages at 63.42 in the world cup.

#5. Viv Richards (West Indies)

Viv Richards stands amongst the list of the best batsman, this cricket world has ever seen. It’s not just about the runs but the authority with which he has scored them makes him a legend in the business. He has scored 1013 runs in the 23 matches he played and his highest score has been 181 runs. Moreover, his highest averages stand at 63.31 in the world cup.

#6. Rahul Dravid (India)

Widely known as “The Wall” for his brilliant defense and technique, Dravid comes as a top-class batsman. He has not only shown his class in the long format. But the limited over’s format too. Talking about his world cup numbers, he has scored 860 runs in 25 matches he played with the highest score of 145. Moreover, his average has been an impressive 61.42 in the process.

#7. Glenn Turner (New Zealand)

Turner has been phenomenal with his career with the kiwis and he has led their batting for a long time in the process. If we have a look at his world cup numbers, he has scored 612 runs in the 14 matches played and his highest has been 171 not out. Moreover, his average of 61.20 certainly makes him a world cup great.

#8. Martin Guptill (New Zealand)

Guptill has been quite impeccable with a bat in his recent stint with the kiwis and he has surely be touted as their key men in the 2019 world cup. On the other side, he has scored 809 runs in the 17 matches that he played and his highest score of 237 not out is also the highest individual score in the world cup. Moreover, his average stands at 57.78.

#9. Sachin Tendulkar (India)

The number 9 spot in our list is quite unjustifiable to the legacy of this cricketing gem as he has been one of the all times greatest in the sport. Sachin is like none other in this world and his fans know that; still, if we look at his numbers in the world cup, he stands at the top for his mammoth mountain of runs (2278 in 45 matches). His highest score has been 152 runs and he has carried an average of 56.95 in the process.

#10. Steve Smith (Australia)

Steve Smith has just returned from his 1-year ban and all set to feature in the Australian playing XI for the world cup. His world cup figures are quite impressive and he has scored 455 runs in 14 matches which includes a highest of 105. Moreover, he has scored in the world cup these runs at the highest averages of 56.87.

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