World Cup High Scores

World Cup High Scores

World Cup High Scores: The world cup has been witness to some of the most eye-pleasing batting displays by one of the greatest batsman around and with the 2019 world cup just around the corner; we can expect some more from the batting units of every country. Whilst a team has to perform like a bunch in order to win the match, there have been instances where a batsman has single-handedly won them the match by his world-class batting skills. With that said, let’s take a look at the highest scores in the world cup history made by some of the best batsmen around.


PlayerRunsBalls4s6sSRTeamOppositionMatch Date
MJ Guptill237*1632411145.39New Zealandv West Indies21 Mar 2015
CH Gayle2151471016146.25West Indiesv Zimbabwe24 Feb 2015
G Kirsten188*159134118.23South Africav U.A.E.16 Feb 1996
SC Ganguly183158177115.82Indiav Sri Lanka26 May 1999
IVA Richards181125167144.80West Indiesv Sri Lanka13 Oct 1987
DA Warner178133195133.83Australiav Afghanistan4 Mar 2015
N Kapil Dev175*138166126.81Indiav Zimbabwe18 Jun 1983
V Sehwag175140145125.00Indiav Bangladesh19 Feb 2011
CB Wishart172*151183113.90Zimbabwev Namibia10 Feb 2003
GM Turner171*20116285.07New Zealandv East Africa7 Jun 1975
AB de Villiers162*66178245.45South Africav West Indies27 Feb 2015
TM Dilshan161*146220110.27Sri Lankav Bangladesh26 Feb 2015
AC Hudson161132134121.96South Africav Netherlands5 Mar 1996
Imran Nazir160121148132.23Pakistanv Zimbabwe21 Mar 2007
HM Amla159128164124.21South Africav Ireland3 Mar 2015
ML Hayden158143144110.48Australiav West Indies27 Mar 2007
AJ Strauss158145181108.96Englandv India27 Feb 2011
KJ Coetzer156134174116.41Scotlandv Bangladesh5 Mar 2015
SR Tendulkar152151180100.66Indiav Namibia23 Feb 2003
AC Gilchrist149104138143.26Australiav Sri Lanka28 Apr 2007
AB de Villiers146130125112.30South Africav West Indies10 Apr 2007
PA de Silva145115145126.08Sri Lankav Kenya6 Mar 1996
R Dravid145129171112.40Indiav Sri Lanka26 May 1999
TM Dilshan144131161109.92Sri Lankav Zimbabwe10 Mar 2011
A Symonds143*125182114.40Australiav Pakistan11 Feb 2003
HH Gibbs143141193101.41South Africav New Zealand16 Feb 2003
DL Houghton142137136103.64Zimbabwev New Zealand10 Oct 1987
SB Styris14112536112.80New Zealandv Sri Lanka10 Feb 2003
SR Tendulkar140*101163138.61Indiav Kenya23 May 1999
RT Ponting140*12148115.70Australiav India23 Mar 2003
HDRL Thirimanne139*14313297.20Sri Lankav England1 Mar 2015
IVA Richards138*15711387.89West Indiesv England23 Jun 1979
DA Miller138*9279150.00South Africav Zimbabwe15 Feb 2015
BRM Taylor138110155125.45Zimbabwev India14 Mar 2015
DL Amiss13714718093.19Englandv India7 Jun 1975
SR Tendulkar13713785100.00Indiav Sri Lanka2 Mar 1996
S Dhawan13714616293.83Indiav South Africa22 Feb 2015
RG Sharma137126143108.73Indiav Bangladesh19 Mar 2015
AJ Finch135128123105.46Australiav England14 Feb 2015
SP Fleming134*132210101.51New Zealandv South Africa16 Feb 2003
KJJ van Noortwijk134*129113103.87Netherlandsv Namibia3 Mar 2003
AB de Villiers13498134136.73South Africav Netherlands3 Mar 2011
MN Samuels133*15611385.25West Indiesv Zimbabwe24 Feb 2015
WU Tharanga13314117094.32Sri Lankav Zimbabwe10 Mar 2011
NC Johnson132*14414291.66Zimbabwev Australia9 Jun 1999
LRPL Taylor131*12487105.64New Zealandv Pakistan8 Mar 2011
KWR Fletcher13114713089.11Englandv New Zealand11 Jun 1975
DI Gower130120125108.33Englandv Sri Lanka11 Jun 1983
ME Waugh130128141101.56Australiav Kenya23 Feb 1996
CZ Harris130124134104.83New Zealandv Australia11 Mar 1996


Top 10 High Scores in Cricket World Cup

#1. Martin Guptill (New Zealand)

Martin Guptill has been one of the best opening batsmen for the Kiwis in the recent times and his 237 not out against the West Indies in the 2015 world cup came as the highest individual total in the world cup history. Moreover, he has scored these runs in the 163 balls and his innings included 24 fours and 11 sixes.

Martin Guptill World Cup High Scoresimage source

#2. Chris Gayle (West Indies)

Gayle has largely been known as the “Universe boss” and he has proved his dominance in the world cup cricket as well for the West Indies team. Moreover, he has played an innings of 215 runs against Zimbabwe in the 2015 world cup which came up in 147 balls with 10 fours and 16 sixes in the process.

#3. Gary Kirsten (South Africa)

Kirsten has been one of the stalwarts of the South African team in the 90s and he has played some gem of an innings in the process. One of his biggest performances came against UAE in the world cup 1996 where he scored 188 runs in 159 deliveries with 13 fours and 4 sixes in the process.

#4. Sourav Ganguly (India)

Ganguly has delivered some of his best performances in the world cup only and his innings of 183 runs against Sri Lanka was simply phenomenal in the context of India’s performance in world cup 1999. Ganguly scored these runs in 158 balls and the innings included 17 fours and 7 sixes.

#5. Viv Richards (West Indies)

Viv Richards can be quoted as one of the best batsmen in cricket history and his world cup career is no lesser in the same context. He has played an innings of 181 runs in just 125 balls against the Sri Lankan team in the 1987 world cup and the same has been listed in one of the best innings ever played. His innings included 16 fours and 7 sixes and that was really a blistering knock.

#6. David Warner (Australia)

Warner has lately been the spearhead for the Australian batting attack and he has been simply phenomenal in world cup too. One of his best innings came against Afghanistan in the world cup 2015 where his world cup high scores to 178 runs in 133 balls with 19 fours and 5 sixes.

#7. Kapil Dev (India)

Kapil Dev has proved his prowess in the all-around department for the Indian team for more than two decades and he has played some impeccable cricket during the same process. One of his best innings came against Zimbabwe where he played an innings of 175 runs which included 16 fours and 6 sixes in the process.

#8. Virender Sehwag (India)

Sehwag came up as one of the most threatening batsmen in the cricket world in recent times and his brilliance was evident with the kind of knocks he played in the process. His best in the world cup high scores where he scored 175 runs in just 140 balls with 14 fours and 5 sixes.

#9. Craig Wishart (Zimbabwe)

Wishart was one of the only players for Zimbabwe who has made it big in the world cup and his innings of 172 runs against Namibia in the 2003 world cup was simply an example of the same. His innings came up in just 151 balls and included 18 fours and 3 sixes and that was the biggest reason that his team won the match eventually.

#10. Glenn Turner (New Zealand)

Glenn Turner was one kiwi batsman who is still remembered for his impeccable batting and technique during his cricketing career. He has scored those runs in 201 balls which included 16 fours and 2 sixes.

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