World Cup Best Strike Rates (bowling)

Lasith Malinga Best Strike Rates
World Cup Best Strike Rates: The Cricket history has been witness to some of the most impactful bowlers over the years, which have turnaround the course of a game with their impeccable bowling skills. All these bowlers have made their way to the record books and gained huge popularity amongst the cricket fans for their phenomenal bowling during their career. Looking into the same aspect, we will have a sneak peek into the top 10 bowlers with the best strike rates in the world cup.
SL Malinga (SL)2007-201522170.47908436/3821.115.3223.8
Z Khan (INDIA)2003-201123198.512890444/4220.224.4727.1
GD McGrath (AUS)1996-200739325.5421292717/1518.193.9627.5
Imran Khan (PAK)1975-199228169.318655344/3719.263.8629.9
M Muralitharan (SL)1996-201140343.3151335684/1919.633.8830.3
JDP Oram (NZ)2003-201123182.221768364/3921.334.2130.3
WPUJC Vaas (SL)1996-200731261.4391040496/2521.223.9732.0
A Kumble (INDIA)1996-200718173.15708314/3222.834.0833.5
AA Donald (SA)1992-200325218.514913384/1724.024.1734.5
Wasim Akram (PAK)1987-200338324.3171311555/2823.834.0435.4
CZ Harris (NZ)1992-200328194.210861324/726.904.4336.4
Shahid Afridi (PAK)1999-201527184.07831305/1627.704.5136.8
SR Waugh (AUS)1987-199933173.17814273/3630.144.7038.4
J Srinath (INDIA)1992-200334283.2211224444/3027.814.3238.6
PAJ DeFreitas (ENG)1987-199622187.530742293/2825.583.9538.8
AME Roberts (WI)1975-198316170.129552263/3221.233.2439.2
TM Odoyo (KENYA)1996-201125169.012817234/2835.524.8344.0
IT Botham (ENG)1979-199222222.033762304/3125.403.4344.4
JM Anderson (ENG)2003-201525209.091081274/2540.035.1746.4
DL Vettori (NZ)2003-201532281.3121168364/1832.444.1446.9
HH Streak (ZIM)1996-200322175.013804223/3536.544.5947.7
ST Jayasuriya (SL)1992-200738219.141060273/1239.254.8348.7
N Kapil Dev (INDIA)1979-199226237.027892285/4331.853.7650.7
SM Pollock (SA)1996-200731269.037970315/3631.293.6052.0
GR Larsen (NZ)1992-199919170.012599183/1633.273.5256.6
Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)2003-201121192.28808203/5340.404.2057.7
JH Kallis (SA)1996-201136211.013904213/2643.044.2860.2
AJ Traicos (ZIM)1983-199220188.013673163/3542.063.5770.5

Top 10 Bowlers who do ball best strike rates in World Cup

#1. Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)
Famous with the name “Slinga Malinga” for his slinging bowling action, Lasith Malinga has made it big in the International cricket over the past few years. If we look into his world cup stats, he has picked up 43 wickets in 22 matches with an unbelievable strike rate of 23.8 in the process.
#2. Zaheer Khan (India)
Zaheer has been the spearhead of the Indian bowling in recent times and before he took retirement, has made India win the 20111 world cup with his impeccable bowling in the process. Talking about his world cup numbers, he has grabbed 44 wickets in 23 matches he played and his strike rate is quite impressive at 27.1.
#3. Glenn McGrath (Australia)
McGrath has led the Australian bowling to greater heights during his career and his world cups stats are even more impressive. He has picked up 71 wickets in the 39 matches played and his strike rate has been 27.5 in the course of same.
#4. Imran Khan (Pakistan)
Imran Khan was amongst the best all-rounder in the Pakistani cricket and he has made it big with his bowling too in the world cups. Within his world cup career, he has picked 34 wickets in 28 matches and his strike rate during the same has been 29.9. Imran Khan is the Bowler who does ball best strike rates in the World Cup.
#5. Muttiah Muralidharan (Sri Lanka)
Muralidharan is undisputedly, the best off-spinner in the cricket history and he has made every batsman dance around on even the flattest of the wickets. If we look at his world cup stats, he has picked up 68 wickets in 40 matches during his world cup career and his strike rate has been an astonishing 30.3.
#6. Jacob Oram (New Zealand)
Oram hasn’t been the fastest of the Kiwi bowling unit but he has got that ability to take wickets at crucial junctures for the New Zealand team. This is the reason why he got a strike rate of 30.3 in the world cups for his team where he has picked 36 wickets in the 23 matches that he played.
#7. Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka)
Chaminda Vaas was amongst the most lethal bowlers of his era and he has bothered even the best batsman around with his Yorkers and slower deliveries. Talking about his world cup performance, he has grabbed 49 wickets in 31 matches that he played with a strike rate of 32.0.
#8. Anil Kumble (India)
Kumble was probably one of the best spinners in cricket history and he has carried over the same legacy in the world cups too for the Indian team. If we have a look into his numbers, he has picked up 31 wickets in the 18 matches that he played and his strike rate has been quite impressive at 33.5.
#9. Allan Donald (South Africa)
Donald has made almost every batsman in his era feared out of his lethal pace and swing and that was very well the reason behind his numbers of wickets he grabbed in the process. Moreover, he has maintained a strike rate of 34.5 whilst picking 38 wickets in his 25 matches at the world cup.
#10. Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
Akram has been famously called with the name “the king of the swing” during his career and has justified every bit of it in his world cup career. If we have a look into his numbers, he has picked 55 wickets in 38 matches and his strike rate during the same has been 35.4.
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