World Cup Best Economy Rates

World Cup Best Economy Rates
Best Economy Rates: The role of Bowler in cricket is quite critical and it’s more or less about his performance, which will further ascertain the overall outcome of a particular cricket match. If we talk about the World cups, they have even bigger responsibility on their shoulders and being a fan, we have seen some of the biggest turnarounds in a given match by the bowlers only. Still, the economy rate comes as a crucial aspect whilst ascertaining a bowlers capability and with that said, let’s take a look at the best economy rates at the world cups.
AME Roberts (WI)1975-19833.2416170.129552263/32
IT Botham (Eng)1979-19923.4322222.033762304/31
GR Larsen (NZ)1992-19993.5219170.012599183/16
AJ Traicos (Zim)1983-19923.5720188.013673163/35
SM Pollock (SA)1996-20073.6031269.037970315/36
Kapil Dev (Ind)1979-19923.7626237.027892285/43
Imran Khan (Pak)1975-19923.8628169.318655344/37
M Muralitharan (SL)1996-20113.8840343.3151335684/19
PJA DeFreitas (Eng)1987-19963.9522187.530742293/28
GD McGrath (Aus)1996-20073.9639325.5421292717/15
WPUJC Vaas (SL)1996-20073.9731261.4391040196/25
Wasim Akram (Pak)1987-20034.0438324.3171311555/28
Anil Kumble (Ind)1996-20074.0818173.15708314/32
DL Vettori (NZ)2003-20154.1432281.3121168364/18
AA Donald (SA)1992-20034.1725218.514913384/17
Harbhajan Singh (Ind)2003-20114.2021192.28808203/53
JDP Oram (NZ)2003-20114.2123182.221768684/39

Top 10 Bowlers who have Best Economy Rates in the World Cup

#1. Andy Roberts (west indies)
Andy Roberts can surely be counted amongst the best all-rounder in the cricket history and this west Indian bowler is quite miserable with his bowling as well in the world cups too. He has played 16 matches and picked up 26 wickets at an economy of just 3.24 RPO.
#2. Ian Botham (England)
On the second spot, we have another great all-rounder from the England team, Ian Botham. Not only he has been quite magnificent with his batting, but his bowling has also reaped him great rewards. He has picked up 30 wickets in 22 matches and gave away runs at a rate of 3.43 only.
#3. Gavin Larsen (New Zealand)
Gavin Larsen is one of the only kiwi bowlers who have kept it tight across every game they have played. This is very well being the reason why he has maintained an economy of 3.52 in 19 matches where he also picked up 18 wickets in the process.
#4.  John Traicos (Zimbabwe)
John Traicos has been a renowned name in the Zimbabwe cricket for many years and talking about his world cup career, he has done extremely well with 16 wickets to his name in 20 matches that he played with an economy of 3.57 only.
#5. Shaun Pollock (South Africa)
Shaun is amongst the greatest South African all-rounder and his bowling has been extremely good for the team in the world cups. His world cup stats read as 31 wickets in 31 matches and he held an economy of just 3.60 in the process.
#6. Kapil Dev (India)
Kapil dev played a key role in bringing the world cup 1983 to India and he has been a great all-rounder for the team in the process. He has played 26 matches and picked up 28 wickets at an economy of just 3.76 in the process.
#7. Imran Khan (Pakistan)
Imran Khan was the man who took Pakistan to the world cup 1992 victory and he has delivered some memorable performances for the team during his career. Talking about his numbers in the world cup, he has picked up 34 wickets in the 28 matches played at an economy of 3.86.
#8. Muttiah Muralidharan (Sri Lanka)
Being one of the best off-spinners in cricket history, Muralidharan has proved his prowess in every format for the Sri Lankan team. If we have a look at his World cup bowling, he has picked up 68 wickets in 40 matches at an economy of 3.88.
#9. Phillip Defreitas (England)
Phillip was surely one of the most impactful bowlers for the English team and he kept his good run in the world cups too. Whilst taking 29 wickets in the 22 matches that he played, he maintained an economy of 3.95 in the process.
#10. Glenn McGrath (Australia)
When we are talking about Glenn McGrath, we are mentioning one of the best and most lethal bowlers Australia has ever produced. His world cup performance is quite impressive as well as he has picked up 71 wickets in 39 matches whilst giving away runs at an economy of just 3.96.
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