World Cup Best Economy Rates In An Innings

World Cup Best Economy Rates

The world cup has seen some of the best performances by one of the best players around the world and this is why it’s been deemed so special by all the cricket fans. When we talk about the role of bowlers in, that can almost be quoted at par to their batting counterparts. While we are talking about the best bowlers around the world, let’s take a look at the best economy rates in an innings during a world cup.


PlayerOversMdnsRunsWktsEconTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
BM McMillan8.011131.37South Africav U.A.E.Rawalpindi16 Feb 1996
SM Pollock8.031021.25South Africav Sri LankaNorthampton19 May 1999
SM Pollock9.031311.44South Africav EnglandThe Oval22 May 1999
CEL Ambrose10.04820.80West Indiesv ScotlandLeicester27 May 1999
CA Walsh7.01731.00West Indiesv ScotlandLeicester27 May 1999
SK Warne10.041131.10Australiav West IndiesManchester30 May 1999
GD McGrath9.031321.44Australiav PakistanLord's20 Jun 1999
B Wood5.02400.80Englandv IndiaLord's7 Jun 1975
JN Gillespie10.021331.30Australiav IndiaCenturion15 Feb 2003
SM Pollock6.02821.33South Africav BangladeshBloemfontein22 Feb 2003
RGD Willis7.02921.28Englandv New ZealandThe Oval9 Jun 1983
AY Karim8.26730.84Kenyav AustraliaDurban15 Mar 2003
RJ Hadlee12.061000.83New Zealandv East AfricaBirmingham7 Jun 1975
DS de Silva12.051120.91Sri Lankav New ZealandDerby18 Jun 1983
RJ Hadlee12.031611.33New Zealandv Sri LankaDerby18 Jun 1983
RGD Willis9.04911.00Englandv Sri LankaLeeds20 Jun 1983
IT Botham9.041221.33Englandv Sri LankaLeeds20 Jun 1983
AME Roberts12.051621.33West Indiesv Sri LankaManchester7 Jun 1975
BS Bedi12.08610.50Indiav East AfricaLeeds11 Jun 1975
SM Pollock6.03410.66South Africav NetherlandsBasseterre16 Mar 2007
AC Botha8.04520.62Irelandv PakistanKingston17 Mar 2007
KMDN Kulasekara7.031001.42Sri Lankav IrelandSt George's18 Apr 2007
JA Snow12.061140.91Englandv East AfricaBirmingham14 Jun 1975
DL Underwood10.051101.10Englandv East AfricaBirmingham14 Jun 1975
B Wood7.031001.42Englandv East AfricaBirmingham14 Jun 1975
Wasim Raja7.04711.00Pakistanv Sri LankaNottingham14 Jun 1975
GJ Gilmour12.061461.16Australiav EnglandLeeds18 Jun 1975
SR Waugh6.03701.16Australiav ZimbabweChennai13 Oct 1987
Majid Khan11.041111.00Pakistanv CanadaLeeds9 Jun 1979
M Hendrick8.04510.62Englandv CanadaManchester13 Jun 1979
CM Old10.05840.80Englandv CanadaManchester13 Jun 1979
RGD Willis10.331141.04Englandv CanadaManchester13 Jun 1979
IT Botham9.051211.33Englandv CanadaManchester13 Jun 1979
M Hendrick12.061541.25Englandv PakistanLeeds16 Jun 1979
DA Reeve5.03210.40Englandv PakistanAdelaide1 Mar 1992
DR Pringle8.25830.96Englandv PakistanAdelaide1 Mar 1992
IT Botham10.041221.20Englandv PakistanAdelaide1 Mar 1992
MW Pringle8.041141.37South Africav West IndiesChristchurchW


Top 10 Best Economy Rates in the World Cup

#1. Dermot Reeve (England)
Dermot Reeve was one of the main strike bowlers of the England team for quite some time and he has delivered when it matters the most for his team. Moreover, his performance against the Pakistan team in the 1992 world cup came as 5-3-2-1 and he secured an economy rate of 0.40 in the process. This was by far the most economical spell of bowling in the world cup history.
#2. Bishan Singh Bedi (India)
Bedi can be considered as the spearhead of the Indian team in the 70s era and he has brought up some memorable performance with his left arm spin bowling for the team. One of his most economical spells in a world cup game against the East African team where he secured a spell with 12-8-6-1 with an economy of 0.50.
#3. M Hendricks (England)
M Hendricks was going really good for the English team in the late 70s and his bowling was a talking point in the cricketing circles. Moreover, he delivered with an 8-4-5-1 spell of bowling against the Canada team in the 1979 world cup at Manchester. His economy rate during the same was 0.62.
#4. AC Botha (Ireland)
Botha was one of the few Irish bowlers which made it big in the International circuit and he delivered as a spell of commendable bowling against the Pakistani team in the 2007 world cup. His stats read as 8-4-5-2 and he secured an economy rate of 0.62 in the process.
#5. Shaun Pollock (South Africa)
On the number 5 spot, we have one of the most sought after South African bowler, Shaun Pollock. Pollock was one of the greatest protean all-rounders and he got this performance of 6-3-4-1 against the team of Netherlands in the 2007 world cup. His economy rate during the same was 0.66.

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#6. CM Old (England)

Old was a renowned name in the English domestic circuit in the late 70s and he brought on this brilliant performance in the world cup against the Canada team in the world cup1979. He has grabbed figures stating 10-5-8-4 on the scoreboard in a match held at Manchester.
#7. Curtly Ambrose (west indies)
There are very few bowlers in the world around as threatening as Curtly Ambrose and there was a time when most of the batsman used to fear out of him. One of his most memorable spells of bowling came against the Scotland team at the 1999 world cup. His figures went as 10-4-8-2 and he achieved an economy rate of 0.80 in the process. Curtly Ambrose is the bowler who has the best economy rates in the world cup.
#8. B wood (England)
Wood was a famous bowler for the English team in the world cup 1975 and he brought on a brilliant spell of bowling against the Indian team in the same tournament. His bowling figures read as 5-2-4-0 and his economy rate was 0.80 in the same process.
#9.  Richard Hadlee (New Zealand)
Hadlee was probably the best kiwi bowler ever and he has proved it numerous times during his career. One of his most notable performances came against the East African team and even though he didn’t scalp a wicket, his figured read as 12-6-10-0 and he achieved an economy rate of 0.83 within the same.
#10. A Karim (Kenya)
Karim’s bowling was one of the reasons behind Kenya’s historical performance in the world cup 2003 and he played a big role in their qualification to the semifinals of the tournament. One of his best performances came against Australia where he secured figures saying 8-6-7-3 and his economy rate during the same was 0.84.
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