World Cup 2015 Match Results

Michael Clarke

World Cup 2015 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 2015: The cricket world cup 2015 was the 11th edition of the cricket world cup which saw the tournament to be shifted to its newest hosts, Australia, and New Zealand. The tournament was played from 14 February to 29th March and there were 49 matches being played between 14 participating teams. There were 14 venues in total where the games were played with Australia hosting 26 games and New Zealand hosting 24 games in the process.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand98 runsChristchurchFeb 14, 2015
AustraliaEnglandAustralia111 runsMelbourneFeb 14, 2015
South AfricaZimbabweSouth Africa62 runsHamiltonFeb 15, 2015
IndiaPakistanIndia76 runsAdelaideFeb 15, 2015
IrelandWest IndiesIreland4 wicketsNelsonFeb 16, 2015
New ZealandScotlandNew Zealand3 wicketsDunedinFeb 17, 2015
AfghanistanBangladeshBangladesh105 runsCanberraFeb 18, 2015
U.A.E.ZimbabweZimbabwe4 wicketsNelsonFeb 19, 2015
New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand8 wicketsWellingtonFeb 20, 2015
PakistanWest IndiesWest Indies150 runsChristchurchFeb 21, 2015
AustraliaBangladeshabandonedBrisbaneFeb 21, 2015
AfghanistanSri LankaSri Lanka4 wicketsDunedinFeb 22, 2015
IndiaSouth AfricaIndia130 runsMelbourneFeb 22, 2015
EnglandScotlandEngland119 runsChristchurchFeb 23, 2015
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies73 runsCanberraFeb 24, 2015
IrelandU.A.E.Ireland2 wicketsBrisbaneFeb 25, 2015
AfghanistanScotlandAfghanistan1 wicketDunedinFeb 26, 2015
BangladeshSri LankaSri Lanka92 runsMelbourneFeb 26, 2015
South AfricaWest IndiesSouth Africa257 runsSydneyFeb 27, 2015
New ZealandAustraliaNew Zealand1 wicketAucklandFeb 28, 2015
IndiaU.A.E.India9 wicketsPerthFeb 28, 2015
EnglandSri LankaSri Lanka9 wicketsWellingtonMar 1, 2015
PakistanZimbabwePakistan20 runsBrisbaneMar 1, 2015
IrelandSouth AfricaSouth Africa201 runsCanberraMar 3, 2015
PakistanU.A.E.Pakistan129 runsNapierMar 4, 2015
AustraliaAfghanistanAustralia275 runsPerthMar 4, 2015
BangladeshScotlandBangladesh6 wicketsNelsonMar 5, 2015
IndiaWest IndiesIndia4 wicketsPerthMar 6, 2015
PakistanSouth AfricaPakistan29 runsAucklandMar 7, 2015
IrelandZimbabweIreland5 runsHobartMar 7, 2015
New ZealandAfghanistanNew Zealand6 wicketsNapierMar 8, 2015
AustraliaSri LankaAustralia64 runsSydneyMar 8, 2015
BangladeshEnglandBangladesh15 runsAdelaideMar 9, 2015
IndiaIrelandIndia8 wicketsHamiltonMar 10, 2015
ScotlandSri LankaSri Lanka148 runsHobartMar 11, 2015
South AfricaU.A.E.South Africa146 runsWellingtonMar 12, 2015
New ZealandBangladeshNew Zealand3 wicketsHamiltonMar 13, 2015
AfghanistanEnglandEngland9 wicketsSydneyMar 13, 2015
IndiaZimbabweIndia6 wicketsAucklandMar 14, 2015
AustraliaScotlandAustralia7 wicketsHobartMar 14, 2015
U.A.E.West IndiesWest Indies6 wicketsNapierMar 15, 2015
IrelandPakistanPakistan7 wicketsAdelaideMar 15, 2015
South AfricaSri LankaSouth Africa9 wicketsSydneyMar 18, 2015
BangladeshIndiaIndia109 runsMelbourneMar 19, 2015
AustraliaPakistanAustralia6 wicketsAdelaideMar 20, 2015
New ZealandWest IndiesNew Zealand143 runsWellingtonMar 21, 2015
New ZealandSouth AfricaNew Zealand4 wicketsAucklandMar 24, 2015
AustraliaIndiaAustralia95 runsSydneyMar 26, 2015
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia7 wicketsMelbourneMar 29, 2015

World Cup 2015 – The Format and Group Stages

There were 14 teams in total which participated in the tournament and all of them got divided into two groups with each group containing 7 teams. The teams got to play with each other at least once and the top four from each of the groups were then been qualifying into the quarterfinals of the world cup.

world cup 2015

Talking about the group A, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh qualified to the Super 8 whilst leaving names like England, Afghanistan, and Scotland out of the contention. It was once again after the 2007 world cup that England was bowled out of the group stages. On the other side, the Group B saw India, South Africa, Pakistan, and West Indies to qualify for the next round. India and New Zealand came out as the table toppers form their respective groups.

World Cup 2015 -The Quarterfinals and Semifinals

The first match of the quarterfinals stages saw the South African team easily thumping out the Sri Lankan team by 9 wickets in a low scoring game. On the other side, defending champions India won quite convincingly against an inspirited Bangladeshi team by 109 runs in the second quarterfinals. Talking about the third quarter-final, Australia won easily by 6 wickets against Pakistan whereas, in the fourth one, the kiwis literally thrashed the West Indies team in a one-sided contest by 143 runs.

World cup 2015
The first semifinal was truly a heartbreak moment for the South African team which once again lost even after staying on top for most of the times during the match. On the other side, Host Australian made the Indian team face a 95 runs defeat after putting down a target of 329 runs on board. This was the second consecutive time that two co-hosts were meeting each other in the finals of the world cup.

The finals Australia securing their “Four-fer”

Although a tough contest was expected out of the trans- Tasman neighbors in the grand finale, the kiwis simply gave up within the first innings to the threatening pace of Mitchell start and bundled out for just 183 runs. Whilst this was the last match for the Aussie captain Michael Clarke, his team gave him the perfect farewell in the form of a victory by 7 wickets. This made Australia the only team to win the world cup trophy five times.

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