World Cup 2011 Match Results

2011 World Cup Match Results

World Cup 2011 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 2011: The 2011 world cup returned to the Indian subcontinent (excluding Pakistan) once again and got played during 19th February till 2 April with India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh being the joint host. The tournament earlier included Pakistan as the co-host but got excluded in the wake of the 2009 attacks on the Sri Lankan team where every team refused to play cricket in the Pakistani territory.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
BangladeshIndiaIndia87 runsDhakaFeb 19, 2011
KenyaNew ZealandNew Zealand10 wicketsChennaiFeb 20, 2011
Sri LankaCanadaSri Lanka210 runsHambantotaFeb 20, 2011
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia91 runsAhmedabadFeb 21, 2011
EnglandNetherlandsEngland6 wicketsNagpurFeb 22, 2011
KenyaPakistanPakistan205 runsHambantotaFeb 23, 2011
South AfricaWest IndiesSouth Africa7 wicketsDelhiFeb 24, 2011
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia7 wicketsNagpurFeb 25, 2011
BangladeshIrelandBangladesh27 runsDhakaFeb 25, 2011
Sri LankaPakistanPakistan11 runsColombo (RPS)Feb 26, 2011
IndiaEnglandtiedBengaluruFeb 27, 2011
CanadaZimbabweZimbabwe175 runsNagpurFeb 28, 2011
NetherlandsWest IndiesWest Indies215 runsDelhiFeb 28, 2011
Sri LankaKenyaSri Lanka9 wicketsColombo (RPS)Mar 1, 2011
EnglandIrelandIreland3 wicketsBengaluruMar 2, 2011
NetherlandsSouth AfricaSouth Africa231 runsMohaliMar 3, 2011
CanadaPakistanPakistan46 runsColombo (RPS)Mar 3, 2011
New ZealandZimbabweNew Zealand10 wicketsAhmedabadMar 4, 2011
BangladeshWest IndiesWest Indies9 wicketsDhakaMar 4, 2011
Sri LankaAustraliano resultColombo (RPS)Mar 5, 2011
EnglandSouth AfricaEngland6 runsChennaiMar 6, 2011
IndiaIrelandIndia5 wicketsBengaluruMar 6, 2011
CanadaKenyaCanada5 wicketsDelhiMar 7, 2011
New ZealandPakistanNew Zealand110 runsPallekeleMar 8, 2011
IndiaNetherlandsIndia5 wicketsDelhiMar 9, 2011
Sri LankaZimbabweSri Lanka139 runsPallekeleMar 10, 2011
IrelandWest IndiesWest Indies44 runsMohaliMar 11, 2011
BangladeshEnglandBangladesh2 wicketsChattogramMar 11, 2011
IndiaSouth AfricaSouth Africa3 wicketsNagpurMar 12, 2011
CanadaNew ZealandNew Zealand97 runsMumbaiMar 13, 2011
AustraliaKenyaAustralia60 runsBengaluruMar 13, 2011
BangladeshNetherlandsBangladesh6 wicketsChattogramMar 14, 2011
PakistanZimbabwePakistan7 wicketsPallekeleMar 14, 2011
IrelandSouth AfricaSouth Africa131 runsKolkataMar 15, 2011
AustraliaCanadaAustralia7 wicketsBengaluruMar 16, 2011
EnglandWest IndiesEngland18 runsChennaiMar 17, 2011
IrelandNetherlandsIreland6 wicketsKolkataMar 18, 2011
New ZealandSri LankaSri Lanka112 runsMumbaiMar 18, 2011
BangladeshSouth AfricaSouth Africa206 runsDhakaMar 19, 2011
AustraliaPakistanPakistan4 wicketsColombo (RPS)Mar 19, 2011
KenyaZimbabweZimbabwe161 runsKolkataMar 20, 2011
IndiaWest IndiesIndia80 runsChennaiMar 20, 2011
PakistanWest IndiesPakistan10 wicketsDhakaMar 23, 2011
IndiaAustraliaIndia5 wicketsAhmedabadMar 24, 2011
New ZealandSouth AfricaNew Zealand49 runsDhakaMar 25, 2011
Sri LankaEnglandSri Lanka10 wicketsColombo (RPS)Mar 26, 2011
Sri LankaNew ZealandSri Lanka5 wicketsColombo (RPS)Mar 29, 2011
IndiaPakistanIndia29 runsMohaliMar 30, 2011
IndiaSri LankaIndia6 wicketsMumbaiApr 2, 2011


World Cup 2011 – Format and group stages

After the failing TRPs and “not that much” success to the previous world cup, the four of the host nations decided to change the format of this world cup like the one used in 1996. Under the new system, the participating 12 teams were been divided into two groups of 7 teams each. The top four teams from each of the groups got to play the quarterfinals and every team in the group played the other one at least once.

Talking about Group A, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand qualified whilst leaving Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Canada out of the contention. On the other side, South Africa, India, England, and West Indies qualified from the Group B with Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands bowing out from the group’s stage only.

World Cup 2011 – Quarterfinals and Semifinals

The first quarter-final was played between West Indies and Pakistan where the Pakistani team easily won by 10 wickets after chasing a low total of 113 runs. In the second quarterfinal match, India won against a spirited Australian team in an exciting clash by 5 wickets and this was one of the rarest instances when Australia didn’t enter into the semi-finals. Talking about the third quarter-final, New Zealand secured an easy victory over the South African team by 49 runs and the fourth one saw the Sri Lankan side bashing the English side by 10 wickets.

West Indies and Pakistan World Cup 2011 quarter-final

The first semi-final witnessed the kiwis and the Lankans battling it out for the finals and it’s the hosts who emerged victorious by 5 wickets. It was all down to the second semifinal which saw the arch-rivals India and Pakistan fought an epic battle of cricket and after numerous twists and turns, the Indian team won by 29 runs at the PCA stadium in Mohali.

The finals: An epic Indian world cup victory!

The finals between India and Sri Lanka got everything to be called as an epic contest and even though the Lankans were on top most of the time during the match, it was the Indian team that rode on the back of magnificent knocks by Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni to lift their second world cup trophy.

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