World Cup 2007 Match Results

2007 World Cup Match Results

World Cup 2007 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 2007: The 9th edition of the world cup was held in West Indies from 13th March till 28th April and this was the first time ever that west indies were been awarded the honor of being the host even whilst being the second most successful team in world cup history. The tournament was largely been known for its upsets which saw the Asian biggies like India and Pakistan bowing out early from the world cup.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
West IndiesPakistanWest Indies54 runsKingstonMar 13, 2007
AustraliaScotlandAustralia203 runsBasseterreMar 14, 2007
CanadaKenyaKenya7 wicketsGros IsletMar 14, 2007
BermudaSri LankaSri Lanka243 runsPort of SpainMar 15, 2007
IrelandZimbabwetiedKingstonMar 15, 2007
EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand6 wicketsGros IsletMar 16, 2007
NetherlandsSouth AfricaSouth Africa221 runsBasseterreMar 16, 2007
BangladeshIndiaBangladesh5 wicketsPort of SpainMar 17, 2007
IrelandPakistanIreland3 wicketsKingstonMar 17, 2007
AustraliaNetherlandsAustralia229 runsBasseterreMar 18, 2007
CanadaEnglandEngland51 runsGros IsletMar 18, 2007
BermudaIndiaIndia257 runsPort of SpainMar 19, 2007
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies6 wicketsKingstonMar 19, 2007
KenyaNew ZealandNew Zealand148 runsGros IsletMar 20, 2007
ScotlandSouth AfricaSouth Africa7 wicketsBasseterreMar 20, 2007
BangladeshSri LankaSri Lanka198 runsPort of SpainMar 21, 2007
PakistanZimbabwePakistan93 runsKingstonMar 21, 2007
CanadaNew ZealandNew Zealand114 runsGros IsletMar 22, 2007
NetherlandsScotlandNetherlands8 wicketsBasseterreMar 22, 2007
IndiaSri LankaSri Lanka69 runsPort of SpainMar 23, 2007
West IndiesIrelandWest Indies8 wicketsKingstonMar 23, 2007
AustraliaSouth AfricaAustralia83 runsBasseterreMar 24, 2007
EnglandKenyaEngland7 wicketsGros IsletMar 24, 2007
BangladeshBermudaBangladesh7 wicketsPort of SpainMar 25, 2007
West IndiesAustraliaAustralia103 runsNorth SoundMar 27-28, 2007
South AfricaSri LankaSouth Africa1 wicketProvidenceMar 28, 2007
West IndiesNew ZealandNew Zealand7 wicketsNorth SoundMar 29, 2007
EnglandIrelandEngland48 runsProvidenceMar 30, 2007
AustraliaBangladeshAustralia10 wicketsNorth SoundMar 31, 2007
West IndiesSri LankaSri Lanka113 runsProvidenceApr 1, 2007
BangladeshNew ZealandNew Zealand9 wicketsNorth SoundApr 2, 2007
IrelandSouth AfricaSouth Africa7 wicketsProvidenceApr 3, 2007
EnglandSri LankaSri Lanka2 runsNorth SoundApr 4, 2007
BangladeshSouth AfricaBangladesh67 runsProvidenceApr 7, 2007
AustraliaEnglandAustralia7 wicketsNorth SoundApr 8, 2007
IrelandNew ZealandNew Zealand129 runsProvidenceApr 9, 2007
West IndiesSouth AfricaSouth Africa67 runsSt George'sApr 10, 2007
BangladeshEnglandEngland4 wicketsBridgetownApr 11, 2007
New ZealandSri LankaSri Lanka6 wicketsSt George'sApr 12, 2007
AustraliaIrelandAustralia9 wicketsBridgetownApr 13, 2007
New ZealandSouth AfricaNew Zealand5 wicketsSt George'sApr 14, 2007
BangladeshIrelandIreland74 runsBridgetownApr 15, 2007
AustraliaSri LankaAustralia7 wicketsSt George'sApr 16, 2007
EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa9 wicketsBridgetownApr 17, 2007
IrelandSri LankaSri Lanka8 wicketsSt George'sApr 18, 2007
West IndiesBangladeshWest Indies99 runsBridgetownApr 19, 2007
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia215 runsSt George'sApr 20, 2007
West IndiesEnglandEngland1 wicketBridgetownApr 21, 2007
New ZealandSri LankaSri Lanka81 runsKingstonApr 24, 2007
AustraliaSouth AfricaAustralia7 wicketsGros IsletApr 25, 2007
AustraliaSri LankaAustralia53 runsBridgetownApr 28, 2007


World Cup 2007 Format and group stages

The tournament witnessed participation by 16 teams which were highest till now and three more than the previous edition of the world cup. All of the 16 teams were been divided into four groups with two top teams from each group qualifying into the “Super 8” stages. The format was more or less the same as the “Super 6” used in the previous edition with the number of teams being the only difference in the process.

The tournament also saw the “referral system” to be introduced for the very first time where the umpires can refer the decision of a certain cat hot the third umpire. Also, the teams were supposed to bat at least 20 over’s to ascertain a result in a rain-affected game. Talking about the super 8 qualifications, Australia and South Africa qualified from Group A, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh qualifying from Group B, New Zealand, and England from Group C and West Indies and Ireland from Group D.

World Cup 2007 Super 8 and Semifinals

The Super 8 carried the same concept as the previous world cup where the qualifying teams were carrying their points scored against the fellow qualifiers form the same group. A big name like Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and New Zealand qualified to the semifinals after grabbing the top spots in the super 8 round robin stage.

Sri Lanka and New Zealand world cup 2007 semifinal

The first semi-final was been held between Sri Lanka and New Zealand where the Lankans secured an easy victory by 81 runs against the Kiwis. The second semifinal was a “No contest” by every means and the Australian team easily thumped the South African team by 7 wickets in a low scoring match.

The finals: Australia completing their Treble!

The Grand finale once again proved to be a one-sided affair as the Australian team completed an easy victory by defeating the Sri Lankan team by 53 runs as per the Duckworth Lewis system. The match has been held at the Kensington Oval ground and got halted by rain at the very end of the Sri Lankan innings. This was the reason Australia got away with a victory based on the D/L system and completed their treble of the world cup trophies.

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