World Cup 2003 Match Results

2003 World Cup Match Results

World Cup 2003 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 2003: The 2003 cricket world cup was the eight editions in the same list and this time around, it has been jointly hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya for the first time ever. The tournament was been quoted as the “ tournament of upsets “ as it saw some big names like England, South Africa, Pakistan and England bowing out of the tournament from the group stages only.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
South AfricaWest IndiesWest Indies3 runsCape TownFeb 9, 2003
ZimbabweNamibiaZimbabwe86 runsHarareFeb 10, 2003
New ZealandSri LankaSri Lanka47 runsBloemfonteinFeb 10, 2003
AustraliaPakistanAustralia82 runsJohannesburgFeb 11, 2003
BangladeshCanadaCanada60 runsDurbanFeb 11, 2003
South AfricaKenyaSouth Africa10 wicketsPotchefstroomFeb 12, 2003
IndiaNetherlandsIndia68 runsPaarlFeb 12, 2003
ZimbabweEnglandZimbabweHarareFeb 13, 2003
New ZealandWest IndiesNew Zealand20 runsPort ElizabethFeb 13, 2003
BangladeshSri LankaSri Lanka10 wicketsPietermaritzburgFeb 14, 2003
AustraliaIndiaAustralia9 wicketsCenturionFeb 15, 2003
CanadaKenyaKenya4 wicketsCape TownFeb 15, 2003
EnglandNetherlandsEngland6 wicketsEast LondonFeb 16, 2003
NamibiaPakistanPakistan171 runsKimberleyFeb 16, 2003
South AfricaNew ZealandNew Zealand9 wicketsJohannesburgFeb 16, 2003
BangladeshWest Indiesno resultBenoniFeb 18, 2003
ZimbabweIndiaIndia83 runsHarareFeb 19, 2003
CanadaSri LankaSri Lanka9 wicketsPaarlFeb 19, 2003
EnglandNamibiaEngland55 runsPort ElizabethFeb 19, 2003
AustraliaNetherlandsAustralia75 runsPotchefstroomFeb 20, 2003
KenyaNew ZealandKenyaNairobi (Gym)Feb 21, 2003
South AfricaBangladeshSouth Africa10 wicketsBloemfonteinFeb 22, 2003
EnglandPakistanEngland112 runsCape TownFeb 22, 2003
CanadaWest IndiesWest Indies7 wicketsCenturionFeb 23, 2003
IndiaNamibiaIndia181 runsPietermaritzburgFeb 23, 2003
KenyaSri LankaKenya53 runsNairobi (Gym)Feb 24, 2003
ZimbabweAustraliaAustralia7 wicketsBulawayoFeb 24, 2003
NetherlandsPakistanPakistan97 runsPaarlFeb 25, 2003
BangladeshNew ZealandNew Zealand7 wicketsKimberleyFeb 26, 2003
EnglandIndiaIndia82 runsDurbanFeb 26, 2003
AustraliaNamibiaAustralia256 runsPotchefstroomFeb 27, 2003
South AfricaCanadaSouth Africa118 runsEast LondonFeb 27, 2003
ZimbabweNetherlandsZimbabwe99 runsBulawayoFeb 28, 2003
Sri LankaWest IndiesSri Lanka6 runsCape TownFeb 28, 2003
BangladeshKenyaKenya32 runsJohannesburgMar 1, 2003
IndiaPakistanIndia6 wicketsCenturionMar 1, 2003
AustraliaEnglandAustralia2 wicketsPort ElizabethMar 2, 2003
CanadaNew ZealandNew Zealand5 wicketsBenoniMar 3, 2003
NamibiaNetherlandsNetherlands64 runsBloemfonteinMar 3, 2003
South AfricaSri LankatiedDurbanMar 3, 2003
ZimbabwePakistanno resultBulawayoMar 4, 2003
KenyaWest IndiesWest Indies142 runsKimberleyMar 4, 2003
AustraliaSri LankaAustralia96 runsCenturionMar 7, 2003
IndiaKenyaIndia6 wicketsCape TownMar 7, 2003
New ZealandZimbabweNew Zealand6 wicketsBloemfonteinMar 8, 2003
IndiaSri LankaIndia183 runsJohannesburgMar 10, 2003
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia96 runsPort ElizabethMar 11, 2003
KenyaZimbabweKenya7 wicketsBloemfonteinMar 12, 2003
IndiaNew ZealandIndia7 wicketsCenturionMar 14, 2003
Sri LankaZimbabweSri Lanka74 runsEast LondonMar 15, 2003
AustraliaKenyaAustralia5 wicketsDurbanMar 15, 2003
AustraliaSri LankaAustralia48 runsPort ElizabethMar 18, 2003
IndiaKenyaIndia91 runsDurbanMar 20, 2003
AustraliaIndiaAustralia125 runsJohannesburgMar 23, 2003


World Cup 2003 Format and Group Stages

There were 14 teams in total which participated in the eight editions of the world cup and this made it the world cup with the most number of participating teams. All the ten full-time test nations along with the three associate nations (Namibia, Canada, and the Netherlands) featured in this coveted event along with the Kenya who was recently being given the ODI status by ICC.

The teams were divided into two groups with top three teams from each group qualifying for the super sixes round. Talking about group A, Australia, India, and Zimbabwe qualified for the super sixes round whilst from Group b; it was Sri Lanka, Kenya, and New Zealand. The qualification of Kenya has been termed as the biggest highlight of this world cup in the wake of their recently granted ODI status.

World Cup 2003 Super Sixes round and The Semifinals

Whilst the teams of India, Australia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe qualified for the super sixes round, only India, Australia, Kenya and Srilanka entered into the semis on the basis of points scored by them in super sixes along with points carried forwarded by them from the group stages against their fellow qualifiers.

World Cup 2003 Super Sixes round and The Semifinals

One of the biggest surprises in the semis was the qualification of the Kenyan team which emerged out to be the first African team to qualify for the semifinals of the world cup whilst being the host. Although they got defeated by the Indian team by 91 runs, they still became the first ever non test playing nation to qualify for the World cup semifinals. The other semifinal saw the Australian team easily winning by 48 runs in a rain-curtailed match.

The finals: Australia becoming the first team to win the world cup title thrice

The grand finale witnessed two of the best teams of the tournament India and Australia locking horns for the biggest trophy of the world cricket. Whilst Australia rode high on an impeccable century by their captain Ricky Ponting, India fell short by 125 runs in the course of their chase and ultimately handing the Aussies, their third world cup title.

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