World Cup 1996 Match Results

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World Cup 1996 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 1996: The 1996 world cup was been officially named as Wills world cup and got jointly hosted by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the second time since its Inception. The tournament was marred by certain controversies which sparked after the refusal of West Indies and Australia to play in Sri Lanka which has been hit by several terror attacks just a few weeks prior to the world cup. Even though the ICC stated that the venue is quite safe for playing cricket, the respective cricket boards of both West Indies and Australia denied sending their team for the matches held in Sri Lanka.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand11 runsAhmedabadFeb 14, 1996
South AfricaU.A.E.South Africa169 runsRawalpindiFeb 16, 1996
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies6 wicketsHyderabad (Deccan)Feb 16, 1996
NetherlandsNew ZealandNew Zealand119 runsVadodaraFeb 17, 1996
Sri LankaAustraliaSri LankaColombo (RPS)Feb 17, 1996
IndiaKenyaIndia7 wicketsCuttackFeb 18, 1996
EnglandU.A.E.England8 wicketsPeshawarFeb 18, 1996
New ZealandSouth AfricaSouth Africa5 wicketsFaisalabadFeb 20, 1996
Sri LankaZimbabweSri Lanka6 wicketsColombo (SSC)Feb 21, 1996
IndiaWest IndiesIndia5 wicketsGwaliorFeb 21, 1996
EnglandNetherlandsEngland49 runsPeshawarFeb 22, 1996
AustraliaKenyaAustralia97 runsVisakhapatnamFeb 23, 1996
PakistanU.A.E.Pakistan9 wicketsGujranwalaFeb 24, 1996
Sri LankaWest IndiesSri LankaColombo (RPS)Feb 25, 1996
EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa78 runsRawalpindiFeb 25, 1996
KenyaZimbabweno resultPatnaFeb 26, 1996
PakistanNetherlandsPakistan8 wicketsLahoreFeb 26, 1996
KenyaZimbabweZimbabwe5 wicketsPatnaFeb 27, 1996
New ZealandU.A.E.New Zealand109 runsFaisalabadFeb 27, 1996
IndiaAustraliaAustralia16 runsMumbaiFeb 27, 1996
KenyaWest IndiesKenya73 runsPuneFeb 29, 1996
PakistanSouth AfricaSouth Africa5 wicketsKarachiFeb 29, 1996
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia8 wicketsNagpurMar 1, 1996
NetherlandsU.A.E.U.A.E.7 wicketsLahoreMar 1, 1996
IndiaSri LankaSri Lanka6 wicketsDelhiMar 2, 1996
PakistanEnglandPakistan7 wicketsKarachiMar 3, 1996
AustraliaWest IndiesWest Indies4 wicketsJaipurMar 4, 1996
NetherlandsSouth AfricaSouth Africa160 runsRawalpindiMar 5, 1996
IndiaZimbabweIndia40 runsKanpurMar 6, 1996
Sri LankaKenyaSri Lanka144 runsKandyMar 6, 1996
PakistanNew ZealandPakistan46 runsLahoreMar 6, 1996
EnglandSri LankaSri Lanka5 wicketsFaisalabadMar 9, 1996
IndiaPakistanIndia39 runsBengaluruMar 9, 1996
South AfricaWest IndiesWest Indies19 runsKarachiMar 11, 1996
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia6 wicketsChennaiMar 11, 1996
IndiaSri LankaSri LankaKolkataMar 13, 1996
AustraliaWest IndiesAustralia5 runsMohaliMar 14, 1996
AustraliaSri LankaSri Lanka7 wicketsLahoreMar 17, 1996


World Cup 1996 Format and Group Stages

There were 12 teams in total which participated in the world cup 1996 which included 9 full-time members and 3 associate countries (UAE, Netherlands, and Kenya). The teams were divided into two groups of 6 teams each and four top teams were going to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Talking about the qualification, the teams of Srilanka, Australia, India and West Indies qualified for the quarterfinals from Group A whereas teams like South Africa, England, Pakistan, and New Zealand qualified to form the group B.

World Cup 1996 Quarterfinals and Semifinals

The first quarter-final was been played between England and Sri Lanka where the Lankans secured an easy victory over the English team and entered the semis in the process. The second one witnessed two of the main arch rivals India and Pakistan competing for each other in an epic thriller and India once again got better of their neighbors by 40 runs. On the other side, West Indies and Australia also registered easy victories on South Africa and New Zealand respectively and marched down to the semis of the World cup 1996.

World Cup 1996 Quarterfinals and Semifinals

The Semifinals saw two exciting contests but the match between Srilanka and India had to be stopped after the audience in the ground created havoc after seeing the dismal performance by the Indian team. The silence was allotted the victory as default as a result and scheduled an epic finale with the Australian team.

The Finals: Sri Lanka winning their first world cup!

No one would have thought that a team like Sri Lanka will be getting victorious against the mighty Austrians but the Lankans did everything right whilst chasing down 242 runs for victory. Their innings were been magnificently been led by the century form their seasoned played Aravinda de Silva and he stayed not out till the end to take his team to their first ever world cup title.

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