World Cup 1992 Match Results

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World Cup 1992 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 1992: 1992 cricket world cup was the first instance when the teams were provided with the Colored clothing for their world cup campaign and the white balls have been used in the process. It was also for the first time ever that the teams got to play their matches under the floodlights at the newest destination (Australia and New Zealand). South Africa, which was out of the ICC membership due to the apartheid regime within their country, were also included as a full-time ICC member.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
New ZealandAustraliaNew Zealand37 runsAucklandFeb 22, 1992
EnglandIndiaEngland9 runsPerthFeb 22, 1992
Sri LankaZimbabweSri Lanka3 wicketsNew PlymouthFeb 23, 1992
PakistanWest IndiesWest Indies10 wicketsMelbourneFeb 23, 1992
New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand6 wicketsHamiltonFeb 25, 1992
AustraliaSouth AfricaSouth Africa9 wicketsSydneyFeb 26, 1992
PakistanZimbabwePakistan53 runsHobartFeb 27, 1992
EnglandWest IndiesEngland6 wicketsMelbourneFeb 27, 1992
IndiaSri Lankano resultMackayFeb 28, 1992
New ZealandSouth AfricaNew Zealand7 wicketsAucklandFeb 29, 1992
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies75 runsBrisbaneFeb 29, 1992
AustraliaIndiaAustralia1 runBrisbaneMar 1, 1992
EnglandPakistanno resultAdelaideMar 1, 1992
South AfricaSri LankaSri Lanka3 wicketsWellingtonMar 2, 1992
New ZealandZimbabweNew Zealand48 runsNapierMar 3, 1992
IndiaPakistanIndia43 runsSydneyMar 4, 1992
South AfricaWest IndiesSouth Africa64 runsChristchurchMar 5, 1992
AustraliaEnglandEngland8 wicketsSydneyMar 5, 1992
IndiaZimbabweIndia55 runsHamiltonMar 7, 1992
AustraliaSri LankaAustralia7 wicketsAdelaideMar 7, 1992
New ZealandWest IndiesNew Zealand5 wicketsAucklandMar 8, 1992
PakistanSouth AfricaSouth Africa20 runsBrisbaneMar 8, 1992
EnglandSri LankaEngland106 runsBallaratMar 9, 1992
IndiaWest IndiesWest Indies5 wicketsWellingtonMar 10, 1992
South AfricaZimbabweSouth Africa7 wicketsCanberraMar 10, 1992
AustraliaPakistanPakistan48 runsPerthMar 11, 1992
New ZealandIndiaNew Zealand4 wicketsDunedinMar 12, 1992
EnglandSouth AfricaEngland3 wicketsMelbourneMar 12, 1992
Sri LankaWest IndiesWest Indies91 runsBerriMar 13, 1992
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia128 runsHobartMar 14, 1992
New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand7 wicketsWellingtonMar 15, 1992
IndiaSouth AfricaSouth Africa6 wicketsAdelaideMar 15, 1992
PakistanSri LankaPakistan4 wicketsPerthMar 15, 1992
New ZealandPakistanPakistan7 wicketsChristchurchMar 18, 1992
EnglandZimbabweZimbabwe9 runsAlburyMar 18, 1992
AustraliaWest IndiesAustralia57 runsMelbourneMar 18, 1992
New ZealandPakistanPakistan4 wicketsAucklandMar 21, 1992
EnglandSouth AfricaEngland19 runsSydneyMar 22, 1992
EnglandPakistanPakistan22 runsMelbourneMar 25, 1992


1st match: New Zealand vs Australia (Feb. 22, 1992)

The first match of the tournament has been held between the hosts New Zealand and Australia and it’s the Kiwis who came out as the winner after a 37 runs victory at Auckland.

2nd match: England vs India ( Feb. 22, 1992)

The second match was there between the last year’s runners up England and Indian team at Perth and it’s the English team which emerged victorious with a close margin of 9 runs.

3rd match: Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe ( Feb. 23, 1992)

The trail of close finishes continued in the tournament with the Sri Lankan team turning up as winners against the Zimbabwe team by just 3 wickets at the New Plymouth.

4th match: Pakistan vs West Indies (Feb. 23, 1992)

Pakistan was up against the ever strong West Indies team at Melbourne ground and they were literally thrashed by the Caribbean team with a victory by 10 wickets to their name.

5th match: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka (Feb. 25, 1992)

The host’s kiwis were facing the Lankans at the Hamilton ground in the 5th match of the world cup 1992 and they easily secured a 6 wickets victory in the process.

6th match: Australia vs South Africa (Feb. 26, 1992)

The next match was between the host Australia and the recently added South African team and the proteins scored an unbelievable victory on their return at the Sydney ground by 9 wickets.

New Zealand vs Australia World Cup 1992

7th match: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe (Feb 27, 1992)

The 7th match featured the teams of Pakistan and Zimbabwe and the former knocked down their opponents quite easily with a margin of 53 runs at the Hobart ground.

8th match: England vs West Indies (Feb. 27, 1992)

England faced the West Indies team in another match of the world cup at Melbourne and they came out victorious quite convincingly by 6 wickets.

9th match: India vs Sri Lanka (Feb. 28, 1992)

This was the first match of the tournament which got washed away due to rains whilst been scheduled to play at the Mackay ground between India and Sri Lanka.

10th match: New Zealand vs South Africa (Feb. 29,1992)

Host Kiwis clashed with the newcomer South African team at the Auckland ground and won easily by 7 wickets in the process.

South Africa vs Zimbabwe World Cup 1992

11th match: West Indies vs Zimbabwe (Feb. 29,1992)

The mighty West Indies were clashing with the minnows Zimbabwe in the 11th match and even this time around the Windies lads proved dominant with a 75 runs victory at the Brisbane ground.

12th match: Australia vs India (March 1, 1992)

This was probably one of the most exciting matches of the world cup where the host Australians clinched a victory by just 1 run against the Indian team at Brisbane.

13th match: England vs Pakistan ( Mar 1, 1992)

This was another match in the tournament which ended in a no result and this time the teams involved were England and Pakistan.

Pakistan vs England World Cup 1992

14th match: South Africa vs Sri Lanka (Mar 2, 1992)

South Africa was looking good in this tournament until they were stopped by the Asian rivals Sri Lanka who scored a 3 wickets victory at the Wellington ground.

15th match: New Zealand vs Zimbabwe ( Mar 3, 1992)

New Zealand met the Zimbabwe team in a crucial match at Napier and they also won the match quite easily by 48 runs in the process.

16th match: India vs Pakistan ( Mar 4, 1992)

This was the first time ever when the two arch-rivals India and Pakistan were facing each other in a world cup match and it’s the Indian team which clinched the victory by 43 runs at the Sydney ground.

india vs pakistan World Cup 1992

17th match: South Africa vs West Indies (Mar 5, 1992)

The Newly added member South African team faced the West Indies team in an important clash at the Christchurch ground and secured an unpredicted win against the West Indies team by 64 runs.

18th match: Australia vs England ( Mar 5, 1992)

Host Australia was looking onto strengthening their hopes of entering into the final four in this match but their hopes were slashed by the English team whilst handing them a  defeat by 8 wickets at Sydney.

19th match: India vs Zimbabwe (Mar 7, 1992)

Indian team secured an easy victory by 55runs against the Zimbabwe team at the Hamilton ground and this ensured that they are still in line for a semifinal spot.

20th match: Australia vs Sri Lanka (Mar 7, 1992)

Host Aussies were looking to end their dismal run in the world cup and they did exactly that whilst defeating the Sri Lankans by 7 wickets at the Adelaide ground.

21st match: New Zealand vs West Indies ( Mar 8, 1992)

Kiwis were made to work hard in their match against the West Indies team but they still won by 5 wickets at the Auckland ground in the process.

22nd match: Pakistan vs South Africa ( Mar 8, 1992)

South African team continued their brilliant run at the world cup 1992 as they went on to beat the Pakistan team by 20 runs at the Brisbane ground.

England vs South Africa World Cup 1992

23rd match: England vs Sri Lanka (Mar 9, 1992)

The English team was looking confident for a semifinal spot as they easily thrashed the Lankans by 106 runs at the Ballarat ground.

24th match: India vs West Indies ( Mar 10, 1992)

India got to play with the West Indies team in the 24th match of the world cup 1992 and whilst they were looking good until now, they lost the match by 5 wickets to their opponent in the process.

25th match: South Africa vs Zimbabwe (Mar 10, 1992)

South Africa kept on going with their dream run at the world cup 1992 as they beat the Zimbabwe team by 7 wickets at the Canberra ground.

26th match: Australia vs. Pakistan (Mar 11, 1992)

The host Australians were made to taste a bitter defeat by the hands of the Pakistani team at their own backyard by 48 runs and the match was played at the Perth ground.

27th match: New Zealand vs India ( Mar 12, 1992)

Indian team once again got defeated again the host New Zealand at the Dunedin ground by 4 wickets and this more or less ended their hopes of qualifying for the world cup semis.

New Zealand vs England

28th match: England vs South Africa (Mar 12, 1992)

The South African winning wagon was finally been stopped by the English team as they fell to a 3 wickets defeat at the Melbourne ground.

29th match: Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Mar 13, 1992)

West Indies once again proved their dominance in the world cup as they defeated the Sri Lankans easily by 91 runs at the berry ground.

30th match: Australia vs Zimbabwe (Mar 14, 1992)

Australia simply knocked out the Zimbabwean side after scoring an easy victory by 128 runs at the Hobart ground.

31st match: New Zealand vs England (Mar 15, 1992)

The Kiwis were up against the Englishmen and they simply outclassed them in all departments whilst securing a victory by 7 wickets at the Wellington ground.

32nd match: India vs South Africa ( Mar 15, 1992)

The Indian team was shown the doors out of the world cup by the South African team after they beat them by 6 wickets at the Adelaide ground.

33rd match: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka (Mar 15, 1992)

Pakistan almost ensured their entry to the semifinals after defeating their Asian counterparts Sri Lanka by 4 wickets at the Perth ground.

Semi-final World Cup 1992

34th match: New Zealand vs Pakistan ( Mar 18, 1992)

Pakistan played their consecutive match against the host New Zealand and they came out victorious yet again after winning by 7 wickets at the Christchurch ground.

35th match: England vs Zimbabwe (Mar 18, 1992)

This was probably the biggest upset of the World cup 1992 as the Zimbabwean team defeated the English team in a nail-biting thriller with 9 runs at the Albury ground.

36th match: Australia vs West Indies (Mar 18, 1992)

Australia ended their world cup with a convincing victory over the West Indian team at the Melbourne ground by 57 runs.

Australia vs West Indies

1st Semifinal: New Zealand vs Pakistan ( Mar 21, 1992)

Kiwis were facing the Pakistani team in an all-important semi-finals match but they were made to lose by 4 wickets after a brilliant chase by the Pakistani team at the Auckland ground.

2nd semifinal: England vs. South Africa (Mar 22, 1992)

South African team couldn’t hang on to their winning streak in the semifinals and choked to defeat by just 19 runs at the hands of the England team in the process at the Sydney ground.

The Finals: England vs Pakistan (Mar 25, 1992)

It’s a dream come true for Pakistan as they lifted the world cup for the very first time after defeating the England team by 22 runs at the Melbourne stadium.

England vs Pakistan

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