World Cup 1983 Match Results

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World Cup 1983 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 1983: The third edition of the cricket world cup was once again been played on the English soil and there were 8 teams in total who participated in the coveted event. All the matches were once again constituting of 60 over and there were 8 teams divided into two groups with the top two teams qualifying for the semi-final stages.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
EnglandNew ZealandEngland106 runsThe OvalJun 9, 1983
PakistanSri LankaPakistan50 runsSwanseaJun 9, 1983
AustraliaZimbabweZimbabwe13 runsNottinghamJun 9, 1983
IndiaWest IndiesIndia34 runsManchesterJun 9-10, 1983
EnglandSri LankaEngland47 runsTauntonJun 11, 1983
New ZealandPakistanNew Zealand52 runsBirminghamJun 11-12, 1983
AustraliaWest IndiesWest Indies101 runsLeedsJun 11-12, 1983
IndiaZimbabweIndia5 wicketsLeicesterJun 11, 1983
EnglandPakistanEngland8 wicketsLord'sJun 13, 1983
New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand5 wicketsBristolJun 13, 1983
AustraliaIndiaAustralia162 runsNottinghamJun 13, 1983
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies8 wicketsWorcesterJun 13, 1983
EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand2 wicketsBirminghamJun 15, 1983
IndiaWest IndiesWest Indies66 runsThe OvalJun 15, 1983
PakistanSri LankaPakistan11 runsLeedsJun 16, 1983
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia32 runsSouthamptonJun 16, 1983
EnglandPakistanEngland7 wicketsManchesterJun 18, 1983
New ZealandSri LankaSri Lanka3 wicketsDerbyJun 18, 1983
AustraliaWest IndiesWest Indies7 wicketsLord'sJun 18, 1983
IndiaZimbabweIndia31 runsTunbridge WellsJun 18, 1983
EnglandSri LankaEngland9 wicketsLeedsJun 20, 1983
New ZealandPakistanPakistan11 runsNottinghamJun 20, 1983
AustraliaIndiaIndia118 runsChelmsfordJun 20, 1983
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies10 wicketsBirminghamJun 20, 1983
EnglandIndiaIndia6 wicketsManchesterJun 22, 1983
PakistanWest IndiesWest Indies8 wicketsThe OvalJun 22, 1983
IndiaWest IndiesIndia43 runsLord'sJun 25, 1983


1st match: England vs. New Zealand ( June 9, 1983)

The first match has been played between England and New Zealand and English team easily thumped the Kiwis by a margin of 106 runs at the oval ground.

2nd match: Pakistan vs Srilanka (June 9, 1983)

The second match got held at the Swansea ground between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the Pakistani team easily secured the victory against their Asian neighbors whilst defeating them by 50 runs.

1st match: England vs. New Zealand

3rd match: Australia vs Zimbabwe (June 9, 1983)

Zimbabwe was playing the world cup for the very first time and they were up against the strong team of Australia. Unlike everyone expected, they lost the match by 13 runs after giving a tough competition to the Aussie team.

4th match: India vs West Indies (June-9-10, 1983)

This was probably the biggest upset of the three world cups till now as the Indian team secured their unexpected victory against the Defending champion West Indies with a 34 runs margin.

4th match: India vs West Indies (June-9-10, 1983)

5th match: England vs Sri Lanka (June 11, 1983)

The host England was up against the Sri Lankan team at the Taunton ground and registered an easy victory against them with a margin of 47 runs.

6th match: New Zealand vs Pakistan ( June 11-12, 1983)

The Kiwi team was facing the Pakistani team in the 6th match of the tournament and although they lost their first match, they turned onto the winning ways by defeating the Pakistani team by 52 runs at the Birmingham ground.

7th match: Australia vs West Indies ( June 11-12, 1983)

The next match was played between two strong teams West Indies and Australia and even though the Aussies made the West Indian team worked hard, they couldn’t stop them from winning by 101 runs at the Leeds ground.

7th match: Australia vs West Indies ( June 11-12, 1983)

8th match: India vs Zimbabwe (June 11, 1983)

Indian team seems like on a role as they thumped the Zimbabwean side in an exciting match by 5 wickets at the Leicester ground and registered their second straight victory in the tournament.

9th match: England vs Pakistan (June 13, 1983)

The host England was up against the last year’s semi-finalist Pakistan but they really didn’t find it hard to win against the Asian powerhouse by a margin of 8 wickets at the Lord’s ground.

10th match: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka (June 13, 1983)

The Kiwi team got to face the Sri Lankan at the Bristol ground and they yet again proved their prowess against the Asian counterparts by securing an easy victory by 5 wickets.

10th match: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka (June 13, 1983)

11th match: Australia vs India (June 13, 1983)

Although the Indian team was on a winning spree, the Australian team stopped their streak by thumping them down with a big margin of 162 runs at the Nottingham ground. This also puts a big dent on Indian hopes to qualify for the semis.

12th match: West Indies vs Zimbabwe (June 13, 1983)

Everyone expected the Zimbabwe team to put up a good challenge against the mighty West Indian team but they have fallen prey to the defending champion with a loss by 8 wickets at the Worcester ground.

13th match: England vs New Zealand (June 15, 1983)

England met New Zealand for the second time in the World cup 1983 and even this time around they beat the Kiwis by 2 wickets in a nail-biting context at the famous Birmingham ground.

13th match: England vs New Zealand (June 15, 1983)

14th match: India vs West Indies (June 15, 1983)

With the new format in place for this world cup, every team within the two groups got to face each other twice and whilst India met West Indies after their previous victory, the defending champions took their revenge by beating them with 66 runs at the Oval.

15th match: Pakistan vs Srilanka (June 16, 1983)

Pakistan met their neighbors Sri Lanka yet again and once more they beat them quite convincingly by a margin of 11 runs in a close finish at the Leeds ground.

16th match: Australia vs Zimbabwe (June 16, 1983)

The Aussies got to face the Zimbabwe team second time and this time around they didn’t give a chance to their opponent by clinching an easy victory by 32 runs at the Southampton ground.

16th match: Australia vs Zimbabwe (June 16, 1983)

17th match: England vs Pakistan (June 18, 1983)

England was up against Pakistan and looking for continuing their winning run in the world cup. Just like that, they beat them easily with 7 wickets in hand on abating friendly pitch at the Manchester ground.

18th match: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka ( June 18, 1983)

This was yet another upset of the 1983 ICC world cup as the Sri Lankan side emerged victorious against the much established kiwi side at the Derby ground. None would’ve thought that an average team like Sri Lanka would beat Kiwis by 3 wickets.

19th match: Australia vs West Indies (June 18, 1983)

Yet again the West Indies team met the Australian side in the tournament and yet again they defeated them by 7 wickets at the lords ground in a convincing manner.

20th match: India vs Zimbabwe (June 18, 1983)

Everyone thought that Zimbabwe would give some competition to the Indian side after their previous encounter that ended in a thrilling context. Still, the Indian team got the better off them after beating them by 31 runs at the Tunbridge wells ground. This is the 20th match of world cup 1983.

20th match: India vs Zimbabwe World Cup 1983

21st match: England vs Srilanka ( June 20, 1983)

England was looking to secure their berth in the semifinals and they did exactly that whilst defeating the Sri Lankan side which was flying high after their previous match victory. The match has been held at the Leeds ground and England won by 9 wickets.

22nd match: New Zealand vs Pakistan ( June 20, 1983)

The race to the semi-finals was getting tighter and the Pakistani team left no stone unturned after they emerged victorious against the Kiwis by a close margin of 11 runs at the Nottingham ground.

23rd match: Australia vs India (June 20, 1983)

This match did or die for both the teams for a birth to the semi-finals and the Indian team finally proved their prowess against the mighty Aussies after beating them down quite convincingly by 118 runs.

24th match: West Indies vs Zimbabwe (June 20, 1983)

West Indies marched to the semifinals like kings as they went on to beat the hapless Zimbabwean side in a dominant passion by 10 wickets at the Birmingham ground.

1st semifinal: India vs England (June 22, 1983)

The Indian team was going through a fairy tale in this tournament and they must not have believed themselves whilst defeating the host England by 6 wickets at the Manchester ground in the 1st semifinals.

2nd semifinals: Pakistan vs. West Indies (June 22, 1983)

The West Indies team yet again proved why they are been called the “ Kings of World cup” as they defeated the Pakistani team quite easily in the semis by 8 wickets whilst entering into their third straight world cup final.

2nd semifinals: Pakistan vs. West Indies World Cup 1983

The Finals: India vs West Indies (June 25, 1983)

History was made when the Indian team registered a miraculous win against the tournament favorites and defending champion West Indies in the finals by 43 runs. India won their first world cup and also became the second team after the windies to won the coveted title. This is the Final match of world cup 1983.

Finals: India vs West Indies World Cup 1983

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