“Why do we even Compare him Virat Kohli? He isn’t the same ………” Pakistan Fans blast on Twitter on their own team player after India’s Loss

"Why do we even Compare him Virat Kohli? He isn't the same ........." Pakistan Fans blast on Twitter on their own team player after India's Loss

In the high-octane world of cricket, few clashes stir up as much anticipation and fervor as matches between traditional rivals India and Pakistan. The ICC World Cup serves as the grand stage for these encounters, where the stakes are high, emotions run rampant, and every ball becomes a moment of reckoning. However, amidst the euphoria and nail-biting excitement, there exists a narrative of struggle and disappointment for Babar Azam, the talismanic Pakistani batsman, against the Men in Blue.

Babar Azam’s Rise to Prominence:

Before delving into the intricacies of his performances against India in ICC World Cup events, it’s imperative to understand Babar Azam’s stature in the cricketing world. Hailed as one of the modern-day greats, Azam’s journey from a promising young talent to the linchpin of Pakistan’s batting lineup has been nothing short of remarkable. With his impeccable technique, elegant strokeplay, and remarkable consistency, Azam has amassed runs across all formats, earning accolades and adulation from fans and pundits alike.

The Weight of Expectations:

However, despite his undeniable prowess with the bat, Babar Azam has found himself under intense scrutiny whenever Pakistan locks horns with India in ICC World Cup fixtures. The weight of expectations, coupled with the historical significance of the rivalry, has often seemed to burden Azam, affecting his performance on the grand stage. While he has delivered stellar performances against other oppositions, his outings against India have been marred by inconsistency and unfulfilled potential.

A History of Disappointments:

Azam’s struggles against India in ICC World Cup events are not a recent phenomenon but rather a recurring theme that has plagued him throughout his career. Despite his remarkable consistency in bilateral series and other multi-nation tournaments, Azam has failed to replicate his success when facing the Men in Blue on cricket’s biggest stage. Whether it’s the pressure of expectations or the formidable Indian bowling attack, something seems to unsettle Azam whenever he squares off against his arch-rivals in World Cup encounters.

Criticism and Scrutiny:

The recent ICC World Cup fixture between Pakistan and India only served to exacerbate Babar Azam’s woes. After his team’s unexpected loss, where Pakistan’s bowlers had managed to restrict India to a paltry total, all eyes were on Azam to steer his side to victory. However, his failure to anchor the innings and shepherd the chase resulted in widespread criticism and scrutiny. As the leader of the squad, Azam bore the brunt of the blame for Pakistan’s defeat, further intensifying the spotlight on his struggles against India.

Reactions on Twitter:

In the aftermath of Pakistan’s loss to India, Twitter was abuzz with reactions, with many fans and analysts expressing disappointment and frustration at Babar Azam’s inability to rise to the occasion. Some highlighted his lackluster record against India in ICC World Cup events, citing it as a cause for concern. Others called for introspection within the Pakistani camp, urging Azam to address his shortcomings and perform when it matters most.


In the annals of cricketing history, clashes between India and Pakistan hold a special place, laden with emotion, drama, and spectacle. For Babar Azam, however, these encounters have become a source of anguish and frustration, overshadowing his otherwise stellar career. As he grapples with the weight of expectations and the burden of history, Azam faces a daunting challenge – to overcome his demons and rewrite his narrative against the Men in Blue. Only time will tell whether he can rise to the occasion and silence his critics, but one thing remains certain – the tale of Babar Azam’s struggles against India in ICC World Cup events is far from over.