Top 5 Most Six Hitters in World Cup Qualifiers 2023

World Cup Qualifiers 2023

T20 is certainly affecting the ODI Cricket in a positive manner. That is the reason, we were able to see so many big hits in this tournament. The top score of 174 runs by Sean Williams was certainly an important innings. He could have scored more sixes if he had gone on to make a double-century. But undoubtedly, you’re certainly going to be surprised once, you’ll come to know about the most six hitters in the World Cup Qualifiers 2023. To get the complete information on that, you can see the list given ahead.  

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Top 5 batters with most sixes in the World Cup Qualifiers 2023 

You might be expecting Sean Williams on top of the list. You’ll be surprised to know, that it’s not him. But yes, he is there on the list. So, to know all five names, you can check out the list ahead. 

Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran the West Indian Batsmen went on to perform extremely well. He was certainly one of the best in the tournament, in terms of making the ball reach out of the park. He overall got 16 sixes in the tournament. 

Sikandar Raza

Sikandar Raza, the Zimbabwean Cricketer might be 37 years old, but there is no doubt, that he was as good as a 20 years old in hitting sixes. He went on to hit 14 sixes in the tournament and proved that age is just a number. 

Sean Williams 

The star batsman of the tournament might not be on top of the list, but undoubtedly he was extremely good. He got 13 sixes in the tournament to prove his worth. However, it was not enough to make his team qualify for the World Cup. 

Paul Stirling 

Paul Stirling might have only scored 264 runs, but for those 264 he got 10 sixes. His team might not have qualified for the World Cup, but he certainly showcased his talent on the world stage. 

Ryan Burl 

To score 225 runs in the tournament, Ryan hit 9 sixes. He is another Zimbabwean in this list of top five six-getters. If not this time, then certainly next time Zimbabwe will be able to get to the World Cup. 

So, these are the batters who were able to get the most number of sixes in the tournament. Isn’t it amazing to see that most of these batsmen are from Zimbabwe? Better luck next time for them.