This Is How India Can Make A Comeback In WTC Final

WTC Final

India’s batting lineup failed to fire in the first innings of the WTC final against Australia, and they now find themselves in a deep hole. India were all out at 296 with a trail-by score of 173 runs. Apart from Ajinkya Rahane who scored the most (89 runs), no other batsman could contribute majorly. Now India will need to perform well in the second inning if they are to win the match.

Thing India Need to Do for Comeback in WTC Final

Show more patience

India’s batsmen were too eager to score runs in the first innings, and they paid the price. They were constantly looking to hit boundaries, and they often fell to rash shots. In the second innings, they need to be more patient and build their innings slowly. They need to take the time to assess the conditions and the Australian bowlers, and they need to wait for their opportunities to score runs.


Build partnerships

India’s batsmen need to build partnerships in the second innings. They need to stick together and support each other, and they need to bat for long periods of time. If they can do this, they will give themselves a chance to score a big total and put Australia under pressure.

Use the conditions to their advantage

The conditions at the Oval are helpful for batsmen, and India needs to use this to their advantage. The ball is coming on nicely to the bat, and there is plenty of width on offer. India’s batsmen need to be aggressive and take advantage of the conditions.

Believe in themselves

India’s batsmen need to believe in themselves if they are to make a comeback in the second innings. They need to have the confidence that they can score runs and win the match. If they can do this, they will be a very dangerous side.

It will be a tough task for India to make a comeback in the second innings, but it is not impossible. They have the batting talent to do it, and they need to show more patience, build partnerships, use the conditions to their advantage, and believe in themselves. If they can do all of these things, they will have a chance to win the WTC final.