The Oldest Case of Australian Team Cheating in Cricket

Australian Team: Fred Spofforth

The Ashes series is the oldest and one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world. The series was first played in 1882-83 between England and Australia, and since then, it has been contested every two years with great zeal and enthusiasm. However, the third Test of the inaugural Ashes series played at Sydney, was marred by an infamous incident that became the talk of the cricketing world.

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Australian Team number one bowler, Fred Spofforth, inserted metal blades in the heels of his boots and ran down the pitch in his follow-through. He deliberately cut up the pitch and then switched ends to bowl into the rough that he had caused.

England was incensed, and their captain, the Honourable Ivo Bligh, wrote a letter to his father expressing his anger at Spofforth’s actions. He accused Spofforth of cutting up the wicket more disgracefully than he had ever seen done before and said that “our fellows were naturally very angry about it.”

However, the controversy did not end there. The Australian Team felt that the England bowler Dick Barlow had started this practice of cutting up the pitch on their tour of England the previous summer. Tempers were so heated when the England players came off the field after winning that Sydney Test and the inaugural Ashes series 2-1, there was pushing and shoving between them and Spofforth, who had just been batting.

The incident became the talk of the cricketing world, and it was clear that the Ashes series had been taken to a new level of intensity and rivalry. The two teams continued to play each other with great competitiveness, but the Spofforth incident remained etched in the memories of cricket fans and players alike.

The Spofforth incident was a turning point in the history of the Ashes series. It highlighted the intense rivalry between England and Australia and the lengths to which players would go to gain an advantage. While it may have been controversial, it also added to the drama and excitement of the tournament, making it one of the greatest cricketing rivalries of all time.