All You want to Know about K7 Qualifiers?


Kabaddi  is touted as one of the traditional sports which originated from India has grown from strength to strength in last few years due to inception of Pro Kabaddi league which has revolutionized the game to a great extent. 

However majority of sports events have been impacted last year due to COVID-19 and Kabaddi is no different in that regard as PKL wasn’t organized last year keeping safety of players in mind. 

A team is good only if you have an amazing bench strength which includes the amalgamation of experience and young players. In a country like India who has lot of talented youngsters in the game of Kabaddi  need different infrastructure, Platforms to nourish amateur talent who can groom their skills and take their game to the next level.

This is what Kabaddi Adda is all about who are organizing first tournament for amateur players which will be held in Haryana.

The name of the tournament will be K7 Qualifiers which is an initiative of Analytiq Sports Pvt Ltd who also owns Kabaddi Adda. 

The tournament is supported by Haryana Amateur Kabaddi Federation which will be a great platform for young players who wants to learn the nuances of Kabaddi and looking to play for the nation in near future.

The tournament is likely to be expanded in years to come in parts of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The best part about this tournament will be to uplift the status of key stakeholder of the game which includes players, officials and coaches.

Rules of K7 Qualifiers in details

There are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled for young players who are participating in the tournament where every player who will be competing should be less than 21 years old and the weight of young players should not be more than 75 Kg.

There will be 16 teams or academies who will be competing against each other for a period of 4 days in 24 matches to figure out 8 qualifier team from the lot who will be receive a spot in the K7.

Those 16 teams  who will be competing in four pools which means four teams in every group which will be abbreviated as Pool A, Pool B, Pool C and Pool D.

The tournament will start from March 1st 2021 to March 4th 2021 at Khokhar Kabaddi Academy, Anoop Sports Village, Sonipat, Haryana.

For every match which will start from tomorrow you will see live scoring tool which will be updated on our website apart from the one you will witness on Kabaddi Adda.

The Key People who are associated with this initiative is Suhail Chandok who is renowned name as Sports Presenter for Star Sports and also holds Chief Executive Operation post at Kabaddi Adda. Also Vikas Kumar Gautam who is also CEO of Kabaddi Adda  is associated with this traditional sport from 2017 at grassroot level. He is keen to make K7 a player centric tournament and a great platform for budding players.

Some of the big names of Kabaddi who has done wonders for Indian national team and their respective franchises in PKL which includes Deeepak Niwas Hooda( Current skipper of the national team), Amit Hooda, Pardeep Narwal , Naveen Kumar and other notable names of Kabaddi is associated with this mega tournament.

What makes this tournament essential for budding players?

Any country can become a major force in an sports based on the talent they have in their reserves say we are world best team in cricket and the reason is very simple that players compete in different domestic tournaments apart from playing in the World richest T20 league which helps them financially as well as in improving their skills where they get challenged by quality opponents at every stage. 

In Kabaddi we are a great team there is no doubt about this but the platform like Kabaddi Adda will not just mentally and physically challenge these young players but will give them avenues to perform against quality side in the same weight category as well as in the same age group. It will also enhance the skills of coaches, referees who will contribute in the dynamics of revolutionizing the sport among young fans who might think of pursuing the game of Kabaddi as profession in future.

Let’s understand the other rules of K7 qualifiers apart from the one that has been describe above in detail

  1. As the weight of all the players who will competing in the tournament should be 75 or less than 75 kg so the weight of all the players will be checked by technical committee and if any players fails to meet the standard they will not be allowed to compete in the tournament for the upcoming season.
  2. As the players age should be less than 21 as recorded on February 1st 2021.
  3. Any player who has competed in the Pro Kabaddi League or for any organization Like ONGC,BPCl and Railways will be not be permitted to participated in the tournament.
  4. Apart from technical committee team managers of other teams will be allowed to check the weight checking process.

Let’s understand how the matches will be conducted in the upcoming season in detail

  1. As we know that 16 teams will be competing against each other into four groups i.e Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D will be playing in a round robin format.
  2. The winner and runner up of each group will qualify to take part in K7 Season 1.
  3. The winner and runner up of the tournament will be receiving 26,000 and 13,000 respectively followed by 6000 and 3000 cash prize awarded to teams who will finish at third and fourth place in the competition.
  4. A cash prize money of 5000 Rs each will be awarded to Best Raider, Best Defender and Best All  Rounder from every group.
  5.  For every victory the team will be awarded 2 points, For every tie they will be given 1 points and 0 points for loss.

Let’s have a look at the teams who will be competing in the upcoming event and they are as follows

Pool A: Ch. Ram Swaroop Kabaddi Academy, Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy, Bhaini School and Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy

Pool B: Shahid Bhagat Singh Yuva Sports Club, Warriors Arena Sports Academy ,Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy and NK Kabaddi Academy

Pool C: DeenBandhu Kabaddi Academy, Kathura Stadium, Chahaju Ram Kabaddi Academy and Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation

Pool D: Narwal Golden Club,  BBD Kabaddi Academy, Amit Ashok Academy and Khokhar Kabaddi Academy

The first match of the competition will start between Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy against Narwal Sports and Kabaddi Academy from March 1st 2021.

The tournament will be conducted keeping all healthy and safety procedures in mind where every team will be asked five questions before they enter in the arena and the mask is mandatory for everyone apart from players who are playing and the official who are coaching during the encounter.

The first Kabaddi tournament one of its kind will boost as a motivator for budding talents and will contribute towards enhancing their skills to a wider prospect.