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Lowest Totals in IPL

Lowest  Team Totals in IPL History

Although T20 cricket is declared as a batsman paradise, everything has its side effects too. In desperation to score quick runs the chances of losing wickets also exalt, this is the beauty of T20 cricket.

If the bowler is going through a great spell, tumbling wickets and the drought of boundaries and sixes are on the cards. There have been instances in the IPL history when the franchise wasn’t able to post 50 runs on the scorecard.

An exciting over can put the brakes on the accelerating run rate. Royal Challengers Bangalore is the only team in the IPL history to hold the record of the highest and lowest total to date. They have been bundled out on 49 against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens.

Here is a list of top 10 lowest team totals in the history of IPL:

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground
RCB 49 9.4 5.06 2 v KKR Kolkata
Royals 58 15.1 3.82 2 v RCB Cape Town
Daredevils 66 13.4 4.82 2 v Mum Indians Delhi
Daredevils 67 17.1 3.9 1 v Kings XI Mohali
KKR 67 15.2 4.36 1 v Mum Indians Mumbai
RCB 70 17.1 4.07 1 v Super Kings Chennai
RCB 70 15 4.66 1 v Royals Abu Dhabi
Kings XI 73 15.5 4.61 1 v Supergiant Pune
Kochi 74 16.3 4.48 2 v Chargers Kochi
Super Kings 79 15.2 5.15 2 v Mum Indians Mumbai

*Last Updated 17 December, 2019

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