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Most Matches as an Umpire in IPL

Most Matches as an Umpire in IPL History

If you are asked who is the most powerful person in cricket? What would be your answer? According to the cricket laws, it is none other than Umpires. They are the supreme authority to control the game and take decisions on the field.

IPL is the most valued T20 cricket tournament in the world and the management has left no stones unturned in making tournaments en epitome of international standards.

The all-time greats like Simon Taufel, Steve Davis, Billy Bowden and Kumar Dharmasena are some big names to have hosted numerous IPL matches so far.

Without wasting any time let’s take a look at the top 10 umpires to have hosted the most number of matches in IPL:

Umpire Span Matches
S Ravi (India) 2009-2019 109
HDPK Dharmasena (Sri Lanka) 2009-2018 94
AK Chaudhary (India) 2012-2019 78
C Shamshuddin (India) 2012-2019 74
M Erasmus (South Africa) 2009-2019 66
CK Nandan (India) 2013-2019 57
SJA Taufel (Australia) 2009-2013 55
Asad Rauf (Pakistan) 2008-2013 51
VA Kulkarni (India) 2012-2019 48
BNJ Oxenford (Australia) 2012-2019 48

*Last Updated 18 December, 2019

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