IPL Most Matches as Player

IPL Most Matches as Player

Most Matches as a Player in IPL History

IPL Most Matches as Player: How would you define the consistency and performance of the player in the long run? Enjoying success in a short span is one thing and performing on a consistent basis is another.

Sachin Tendulkar is the prime example of sheer consistency, conditions adaptability, fitness and performance for 24 long years. The likes of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Robin Uthappa, and Suresh Raina are among the few players to have played all the seasons of the IPL.

Suresh Raina holds the record for most number of appearances in the IPL history. Here is a list of top 10 players with the most number of appearances in the history of IPL:-

SK Raina2008-20181764985100*34.3712544.48
MS Dhoni2008-2018175401679*40.160--
RG Sharma2008-20181734493109*31.8611529.33
KD Karthik2008-201816834018626.770--
RV Uthappa2008-201816541298728.670--
YK Pathan2008-2018164316410029.5714233.5
V Kohli2008-2018163494811338.354492
G Gambhir2008-2018154421793310--
RA Jadeja2008-201815418214823.6409330.2
Harbhajan Singh2008-20181498286415.92013427.27

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