Lowest Score Defended in IPL

Lowest Score Defended in IPL History

Defending a low score in a T20 match is never easy; it is like sending bowlers in front of the bombarding cannon, it really is a massacre. Still, there have been occasions when the teams easily defended the lowest scores comfortably, not giving an inch to the opposition.

But such incidents occur rarely in T20, but in IPL defending low scores is a common sight. If it’s your day everything falls in place. There are numerous instances in the IPL history when unachievable was made achievable. This article is totally dedicated to all the IPL franchises, who left no stones unturned in defending the lowest totals when needed.

Keeping your enthusiasm and motivation in mind Sportzcraazy has compiled the list of top 10 lowest score defended in the history of IPL.

Team Score Opposition Score Year
CSK 116/9 KXIP 92/8 2009
KXIP 119/8 MI 116/7 2009
SRH 119/8 PWI 108/10 2013
MI 120/9 PWI 119/6 2012
RCB 126/8 CSK 112/8 2008
SRH 126/6 PWI 104/10 2013
PWI 129/9 MI 101/9 2012
DC 129/7 KTK 74/10 2011
KXIP 132/9 KKR 109/10 2014
KTK 132/7 KKR 126/9 2011

*Last Updated 17 December, 2019