Largest Victories in IPL | Largest Margin of Victory in IPL

Largest Victories in IPL (By Runs)

Highest Victories in IPL

Every T20 fan expects the game to go down the wire making the fans almost breathless, but there have been numerous occasions when the team complete outclass the opposition in all departments and wins the game by a big margin.

IPL is the biggest and most-watched T20 cricket league in the world with a fan base in billions. It is the league, where the constellation of cricket superstars ascends on Earth and privilege the ground with extraordinary cricket skills.

There have been instances when the big wigs completely dominated the minnows and won the matches by a big margin. Royal Challengers Bangalore is right at the top of the charts when it comes to bullying and demolishing the opposition with zero mercy.

Here is a list of top 10 largest victories margins in the history of IPL:

Winner Margin Target Opposition Ground Match Date
Mumbai Indians 146 runs 213 v Daredevils Delhi 06-May-17
RCB 144 runs 249 v Guj Lions Bengaluru 14-May-16
KKR 140 runs 223 v RCB Bengaluru 18-Apr-08
RCB 138 runs 227 v Kings XI Bengaluru 06-May-15
RCB 130 runs 264 v Warriors Bengaluru 23-Apr-13
Sunrisers 118 runs 232 v RCB Hyderabad (Deccan) 31-Mar-19
Kings XI 111 runs 233 v RCB Dharamsala 17-May-11
Royals 105 runs 193 v Daredevils Mumbai 30-May-08
Mumbai Indians 102 runs 211 v KKR Kolkata 09-May-18
Mumbai Indians 98 runs 219 v Daredevils Delhi 17-Mar-10

*Last Updated 17 December, 2019

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