Highest Successful Run Chase in IPL

Highest Successful Run Chase in IPL History

Once Paul “Bear” Bryant said “It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” In Cricket batsmanship is not about hitting lofty shots, it is about the persistence and standing tall during the thin and registering extraordinary milestones.

There have been occasions in the past when the team registered a mammoth total completely writing off the opposition. But suddenly out of the blue, the opposition chases target like a leopard running towards a deer and winning the match.

When it comes to IPL, anything is possible, the matches are won on the last ball by hitting a towering six making it the memorable run chase of all time.

Here is a list of the highest successful run chase in the history of IPL:

Team Score Target Versus Venue Result Date
RR 217/7 215 Deccan Hyderabad Rajasthan by 3 Wickets 24-04-2008
DD 214/3 209 Gujarat Delhi Delhi by 7 Wickets 04-05-2017
KXIP 211/4 206 Hyderabad Hyderabad Punjab by 6 Wickets 14-05-2014
CSK 208/5 206 Bangalore Chennai (Madras) Chennai by 5 Wickets 12-04-2012
CSK 207/5 206 Bangalore Bengaluru, Bangalore Chennai by 5 Wickets 25-04-2018
KXIP 206/4 206 Chennai Abu Dhabi Punjab by 6 Wickets 18-04-2014
CSK 205/5 203 Kolkata Chennai (Madras) Chennai by 5 Wickets 10-04-2018
RCB 204/2 204 Punjab Bengaluru, Bangalore Bangalore by 8 Wickets 16-03-2010
KXIP 204/2 201 Kolkata Kolkata Punjab by 8 Wickets 04-04-2010
KKR 200/7 200 Punjab Bengaluru, Bangalore Kolkata by 3 Wickets 01-06-2014

*Last Updated 17 December, 2019