IPL Best Economy Rates

IPL Best Economy Rates

Best Economy Rates in the IPL

IPL Best Economy Rates: The most difficult thing in T20 cricket is bowling maiden over and restricting the explosive run rate flow. In a format when a batsman is always ready to go after the bowler, bowling the dot ball is like hitting the gold. And bowling maiden overs almost every match is no less than a five wicket haul or slapping a century against the opposition.

A good economy rate not only gives the team an opportunity to bounce back during the IPL matches but also break the run flow frustrating the batsman to lose his wicket. Over the years many bowlers were able to maintain good economy rates in IPL,  but do you know who are the top 10 bowlers with best economy rates in the IPL. Let’s unfurl it.

SP Narine98381.52249811222.36.5420.41
SM Pollock134613011127.366.54250
A Kumble42160.5110584523.516.5721.41
GD McGrath145423571229.756.61270
M Muralitharan66254116966326.926.6724.10
Rashid Khan3112228163821.476.6819.20
DW Steyn90343723069225.066.7222.30
R Ashwin125432.24290911026.446.7223.50
RE van der Merwe2173.514982123.716.74210
DL Vettori34129.308792831.396.7827.70
R Rampaul1243.442981421.286.8218.70
SL Malinga110426.28292815419.016.8616.61
J Botha34115.4080025326.9127.70
AD Mascarenhas1351.213561918.736.9316.21
R Sharma44154.4110864027.157.0223.20
Harbhajan Singh149518.25365513427.277.0523.21
AG Murtaza12440313934.777.1129.30
KH Pandya39111.207932828.327.1223.80
B Kumar102376.27269312022.447.1518.81
MA Starc2796.416933420.387.16170
DE Bollinger279636933718.727.2115.50
Iqbal Abdulla49153.2111094027.727.23230
M Kartik56191.4113883144.777.24370
R Tewatia1543031212267.2521.50
SK Warne55199114475725.387.2720.90
DP Nannes29107.317852828.037.3230
WD Parnell2695.217012626.967.35220
Ankit Sharma2261.104501237.57.3530.50
PP Ojha92316.3123328926.27.3621.30
S Nadeem61200.52148040377.3630.10
JP Duminy8311308342336.267.3829.40
A Mishra136476.56352514624.147.3919.51
Shakib Al Hasan60210.3115575727.317.3922.10
SK Raina176150.2011122544.487.39360
YK Pathan164190.1114074233.57.3927.10
R Bhatia95272.4120207128.457.4230
S Badree1243131911297.4123.40
RR Powar277105271340.537.4232.70
MF Maharoof207005202719.257.4215.50
Yuvraj Singh128144.5010773629.917.4324.10
GB Hogg2176.215702324.787.4619.90
B Lee38145.5310952543.87.5350
Mustafizur Rahman2491.116852428.547.5122.70
MM Patel63225.5516987422.947.5118.31
AR Patel68234.3217656128.937.52230
Washington Sundar185003771231.417.54250
RJ Harris37138.4310474523.267.5518.40
WPUJC Vaas134723551819.727.5515.60
SK Trivedi76251219046529.297.5823.10
Z Khan100366.45278210227.277.5821.50

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