ICC ODI Batsmen Rankings

ICC ODI Batsmen Rankings

Last Updated: 02nd May 2020    
Rank Name Photo Country Flag Rating
1 Virat Kohli virat-kohli-ranking IND india-flag 869
2 Rohit Sharma rohit-sharma-rankings IND india-flag 855
3 Babar Azam babar-azam-ranking  PAK pakistan-flag 829
4 Ross Taylor ross-taylor-rankings  NZ new-zealand-flag 828
5 Faf du Plessis faf-du-plessis-rankings  SA south-africa-flag 791
6 David Warner david-warner-ranking  AUS australia-flag 781
7 Kane Williamson kane-williamson-ranking  NZ new-zealand-flag 773
8 Joe Root joe-root-ranking ENG england-flag 770
9 Aaron Finch aaron finch ranking AUS australia-flag 758
10 Quinton de Kock quinton-de-kock-rankings SA south-africa-flag 754

The International Cricket Council (ICC) ranks the ODI playing nations by yielding them points based on the number of wins, losses, and draws they achieve in ratio to the number of matches they play which is – ICC ODI Ratings.

Unlike the Test rankings, the ICC does not award a trophy of any kind by the end of the season. Instead, they are awarded the ICC ODI Championship shield. Captain of the Indian Cricket team, Virat Kohli holds the first position with maximum ratings of the ICC ODI batsmen rankings, followed by Rohit Sharma securing the second position, Babar Azam is at the third position, and David Warner at the sixth position from Australia.

The Australian cricket team has spent most of their time on top of the rankings since 1999-2007, ever since entering the millennial era, the charts don’t look so good for Australia. However, the team was unbeatable at one point, and they were the first to ever win three World Cups consecutively. The period was then called the “Golden Era” of Australia cricket. Henceforth, India, South Africa, and England were the teams to give a tough competition to Australia.

England secured the top spot after winning their first World Cup in 2013. And, the team has been dominating all formats. Eoin Morgan’s team won 4-1 in Australia, and 3-2 in New Zealand. They also seamlessly sealed their credentials with a 2-1 victory against India. Their recent mess up in the World Cup made them lose their spot to India. But they bounced back to their position soon after their victory in the recently concluded Men’s World Cup.

The Indian Cricket Team, who are on top of the ICC Test rankings, holds the second position in the ODI rankings. The Indian Cricket team have been sensational on the field over the past couple of years or so but lost the top spot to New Zealand in the semifinals of the World Cup. India also won the 2018 Asia Cup before defeating West Indies 3-1. And they won 2-1 in Australia before clinching the ODI series in New Zealand in the first three matches.

The table below is the complete updated list of ICC ODI Batsmen Rankings, and for more info on ICC ODI Ratings, visit our page.