How Disney- Star and Viacom 18 Deal will impact BCCI Broadcasting Rights in Future?

How Disney- Star and Viacom 18 Deal will impact BCCI Broadcasting Rights in Future?

The upcoming announcement of the squad for the 3rd Test between India and England in Saurashtra on February 15, 2024, is eagerly anticipated, especially with the series currently tied at 1-1. There’s keen speculation surrounding whether Virat Kohli will secure a spot in the lineup for the forthcoming Test match.

In recent news, the potential merger between Disney+ Hotstar and Viacom 18 has caught attention, hinting at the formation of one of the most formidable broadcasting conglomerates in India. With significant market share and an extensive network of channels, such a merger could reshape the landscape of media rights in the country.

The implications of this merger on the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are substantial. Analysts foresee a potential shift in the dynamics of media rights negotiations. The consolidation of Disney+ Hotstar and Viacom 18 would likely decrease the number of competitors vying for BCCI’s media rights, potentially slowing down the process compared to previous instances where multiple options were available.

This reduction in competition may limit BCCI’s leverage during media rights auctions, potentially affecting the value and terms of future broadcasting deals. The industry experts also suggest that the merger could lead to a more consolidated media landscape, with fewer players competing for exclusive rights to broadcast cricket matches and other sporting events in India.

Adding to the complexity of the media rights landscape is the recent move by Netflix, which secured a lucrative deal worth $5 billion to stream WWE Raw for the next decade in select regions including the US, Canada, UK, and Latin America. This underscores the fierce competition among streaming platforms for premium content rights globally.

In the context of India, Sony currently holds the media rights for WWE and RAW, highlighting the intense competition among broadcasters and OTT platforms for exclusive content rights in the Indian market. The potential merger between Disney+ Hotstar and Viacom 18 adds another layer of complexity to this dynamic, further shaping the future of media rights negotiations in the country.