Esports Community Stunned by Tragic Loss of CS:GO Player ‘Oni’


In a tragic turn of events, Ostap “Oni” Onistrat, a 21-year-old Ukrainian CS:GO player, met an untimely demise while serving in the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian conflict. Oni, who had recently joined the Ukrainian forces, had shown great potential as a young talent within the esports industry. His passing sent shockwaves of grief throughout the gaming community.

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The news of Oni’s death was shared on the Instagram account of the 68th Brigade of Ukrainian Land Forces, leaving many devastated. Although he may not have been considered among the top CS:GO players, Oni’s talent and promise were evident to those who knew him.

Numerous influential figures in the esports community came forward to express their condolences for Oni’s tragic loss. Ukrainian coach Sergie “Imbt,” Sergei Bezhanov, and current world champion Dan “apEX” Madesclaire from France were among those who shared their thoughts and prayers.

Oni’s father also wrote a heartfelt message, reminiscing about the moments they shared and the pain he feels at losing his son. He recounted how Ostap displayed his knowledge of weapons and equipment, including a story where he had chosen a Bronic for his father, initially dismissing the need for side plates, only to regret it later. Oni’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence deeply resonated with his father.

The esports community has come together to express their condolences for Oni and provide support through heartfelt comments. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has claimed the lives of many innocent people, and the gaming community has not been spared. This ongoing conflict has had a significant impact on the Ukrainian gaming industry.

The loss of young talents like Oni is truly heart-wrenching. He and other aspiring players endure the harsh realities of war in Ukraine. This tragedy serves as a reminder to unite and strengthen global support for the esports community. Oni bravely served his country and met his martyrdom on the battlefield. The memory of Oni will forever be cherished by Ukraine and the gaming community alike.