Craig McMillan Lashes Out at Indian Batsmen for the Poor Show

craig mcmillan

Former New Zealand all-rounder Craig McMillan bashed on Indian batsman on Tuesday cited that they are “throwing their hands at the ball like they do in India” but it will not work here. Indian batsmen’s inability to cope up with the adverse conditions were exposed as they crumbled under pressure and faced a humiliating 10-wicket defeat in just over three days in the first Test in Wellington on Monday.

“They didn’t make any adjustments in the way they played, they threw their hands at the ball like they do in India,” he said to Radio Sport.

“When the ball doesn’t bounce above knee high you can get away with some of those shots – in New Zealand you don’t.”

Craig McMillan praised the New Zealand’s veteran pace bowler duo of Tim Southee and Trent Boult. They were the main reasons why Kiwis successfully beat India. Moreover, he rated their performance as terrific as well.

“When the ball’s swinging, and it did for most of that Wellington Test, Boult and Southee are geniuses,” he said.

“I haven’t seen India, the number one Test side in the world, dismantled like they were over those four days in Wellington,” he further added.

However, New Zealand’s win was referred to as one of their best in history by the media in New Zealand as well.

“Rare are the Tests in which the Black Caps beat the world’s number one Test side,” the New Zealand Herald wrote while describing their convincing win.

“To do so against a team who had won seven straight Tests, each by a massive margin, makes it even more impressive.”

New Zealand came to play the Test series after a 3-0 humiliation in their last series against the mighty Aussies in Australia. Hence, this win against India has become even more significant. With this, New Zealand will begin their next match in Christchurch with a positive note which is scheduled to start from Saturday. Even they have a chance of a Test series sweep over India as well. The last time it took place was in 2002 when they swept a two-Test series at home.