How to Learn Karate? Tips and Techniques

Benefits of learning Karate

Karate is a form of martial arts which was developed in the Ryukyu kingdom just after Kung Fu came into existence, and currently, karate is considered as the best physical exercise as is even used for self-defence.

But how to learn karate? There are certain institutes and organisations which offer karate courses. Being a form of martial art, it is definitely tough, but one can start learning from childhood or even during the late twenties to excel in this sport.

Karate Styles

The four main karate styles are Goju-ryu, Shotokan-ryu, Wado-ryu and Shito-ryu. Each form is derived in some way from the karate established by Gichin Funakoshi. Each one has its own techniques that rely heavily on the core tenets of karate in general. However, they offer ways for each style to distinguish itself and cement itself as a main style of karate while displaying the differences.

Tips on How to learn Karate

How to learn Karate

Here are some basic tips that can help in learning the basics of karate.

  • Before learning karate, one needs to have a calm mind. Meditation can help in getting peace and improving concentration power. This can help in focusing on your aim. A good focus can help a lot in karate. Clear the mind from all external thoughts and meditate in silence. Even if the meditation is of 5 minutes, it can still help a lot while learning karate.
  • Warm-up before starting is absolutely critical. Warming up can prevent sprains and muscle pain which might occur while learning or practicing karate. A warm-up session of 10-15 minutes which would consist of walking, push-ups, and squats would help in getting the pace that is needed for karate.
  • Stretch before starting. A good stretching would help the muscles to operate and function effectively. A good stretch helps an individual to remain injury-free. Learning karate can lead to injuries which often happen due to muscle pulls. Muscle pull usually occurs when the person fails to go through a proper stretching session.
  • Karate is not about violence, as most people think of it to be. Rather karate is more about the mental stability, peace, and self-defence. Unless the person understands this factor he/she cannot learn karate. Knowing the philosophy and the history behind karate is important, or it may be used as a weapon of violence.
  • Balance is an important factor in karate. Having a good stance is necessary as it would help you in maintaining balance. Start with the basic stance for the perfect position. Practice some basic steps in this stance.
  • After the basic stance, go for the ready stance or fighting stance. In this stance, the feet should be in parallel with the shoulders and the toes should be outward. In this stage, the hand movements can be practiced.
  • Maintain balance while practising the moves. If the balance is lost, then there are high chances of severe injuries.

Benefits of learning Karate

Benefits of learning Karate

Learning karate has several advantages. Some of the main advantages are stated below.

  • A person who knows karate and practices it at least thrice a week, would no doubt be more fit than an average human being. Karate helps in improving physical health and also improves the immunity system of the human body.
  • Karate helps in improving mental health too. The sport assists in attaining the peace of mind. As stated above, focus and concentration are required to learn karate which in turn makes a person mentally stronger. Meditation can help in attaining the peace of mind that one requires. 5 minutes of meditation per day can help in achieving more focus.
  • Karate helps in gaining self-confidence. Karate boosts confidence and helps in regaining self-esteem. Many people have gained confidence by learning karate. An individual can stay motivated as the will power of the concerned individual increases in the long run.
  • Karate helps in self-defence, not only for the ones who are learning but also for protecting others. Karate gives the power of protecting oneself from dangers and along with that helping and protecting the ones who are in trouble.
  • Karate makes a person more flexible. Enhancement of mobility cannot be achieved with every sport. However, Karate not only enhances an individual’s strength, but mobility and conditioning are simultaneously improved.
  • Along with flexibility and other physical benefits, karate is even good for health. It improves blood circulation, improves the working of heart muscles and lowers the blood pressure. It helps in maintaining the proper diet of the body and removes toxins from the mind and body.

Kids Learning Karate

These were some of the benefits of learning karate. Karate tournaments are even conducted where the students are awarded a belt after passing a stage. The lowest or the learner belt is white in colour, and the highest rank belt is black in colour. Each stage has a certain level of difficulties which challenges the students to face their fears and improve their skills.

One gets to know all about challenges and gets the power to face them with the passing of each stage. There are in total of seven stages. The last two stages are the brown and black belt. While the brown belt is divided into three parts, the black belt stage is divided into 7 stages. Tournaments are held in order to cross each stage.

Karate is all about having patience and focusing on the goals along with proper balance and technique. These three are the basic foundation which is required in order to learn karate. All the premium karate dungeons are led by black belts masters who have several students learning under them. The tournaments organized helps the concerned students to test their knowledge, skill and technique which are involved in the sport. There are different segments such as strength training, conditioning, meditation, and mobility. In order to achieve a black belt, a person must excel in all these subgenres that are present in the sport.

Training sessions can be physically as well as mentally challenging as an individual needs to complete dedication towards the martial art form. Challenging oneself and pushing the body to a whole new level are certain requirements to achieve the highest honour that is present in the sport of being a black belt. So if you are looking for a disciplined life which will help you enhance your mental as well as physical strength then karate is the perfect sport for you.

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