50 Best Softball Quotes, Sayings & Slogans

Softball Quotes : It was George Hancock, also regarded as the inventor of this game, who once tied a boxing glove to shape it like a ball and then created a Diamond shaped mark on the floor to make it an “Indoor version of Baseball” .It was Hancock Only who further went on to create all the rules and helped in introducing Softball to the rest of the world.

Softball is more than just a game. Here we are providing you the 50 best Softball Quotes, Sayings & Slogans by legends.

50 Best Softball Quotes & Sayings

Sometimes the only thing fair in life is a ball hit between first and third.

Softball Quotes

Don’t think you’re to good to sit and root for your team, be a team player.


Softball is for everyone. Fast-pitch is for athletes.

Softball Inspirational Quotes

Bruised, bloody, broken, all for this sport. I’ll never hold back. I play it, love it and live it. Softball, my sport, my love, my life.

Softball motivational Quotes

Play for the name on the front of your jersey, not the name on the back.

Softball Quotations

A winner is that person who gets up one more time then he was knocked down.

It doesn’t sparkle, but I guard this diamond with my life.

Softball Quotation

Discipline yourself so no one has to.

If you face a worthy opponent acknowledge their skills and show them yours.

If what you did yesterday still looks big to you today, then you must not have done anything today.

When life throws you a curve ball, SWING!

A boy once told me that I play like a girl. I told him if he tried a little harder, he could too.

Softball girls aren’t afraid of a little dirt.

If it were easy, they’d call it baseball.

Hey softball pitcher: be that player that coaches warn their team about.

Play the ball; don’t let the ball play you.

The Softball Pitcher’s Motto: Stay calm and throw strikes.

Sweat dries, blood clots, and bones heal. Suck it up Princess. This is softball.

When the game is over leave it on the field.

Let your faith shine on and off the field. People are watching; this is your mission field.

When I lose, I take it very personally.

I make my weaknesses my strengths and my strengths stronger.

If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.

When we’d play softball, I’d steal second base, feel guilty and go back.

In softball, the softball gods giveth and the softball gods taketh away, but that evens out over the season.

When we played softball, I’d steal second base, feel guilty and go back.
 – Woody Allen

Softball, it’s more than just a game!

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.

Softball is life with the volume turned up, how loud is your game, crank it up!

You may get skinned knees and elbows, but it’s worth it if you score a spectacular goal.

The minute you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you have lost

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up

 Softball is for everyone. Fast-pitch is for athletes.

Genius is perseverance in disguise!

There’s nothing soft about my Balls

Softball is like love, first you learn the rules of the game, and then you forget the rules and play from your heart.

Busting ours to kick yours

Your mom called. You left your game at home

If ur dating a softball player raise ur hands, If ur NOT raise ur standards.

I’m so good your mom cheers for me

If you face a worthy opponent acknowledge their skills and show them yours.

Play like you’re in first, train like you’re in second.

There is no glory in practice but without practice there can be no glory.

Don’t-cha wish your girlfriend could play like me.

There is no shame in my game.

In softball, Good Girls Steal.

Don’t let the name of softball fool you, be ready to play hardball.

We want a pitcher not a belly itcher

One team one dream.

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Softball vs. Baseball

For all those who are going by the name, Softball is not at all a game played by using a softball in the process. Instead, the ball in use is really hard, just like that of a baseball, though larger in overall size. More surprisingly, the game was originated from the city of Chicago, Illinois, the United States as an indoor game in 1887 and more interestingly, it was invented when a boxing glove was thrown to someone in a gym who decided to hit it with a pole.

Although the game resembles Baseball by a great extent, it proceeds at a more rapid pace than the latter. Compared to Baseball, the base runner gets less time to reach the first base before the opposite side fields the ball. Moreover, the Opposition fielder also gets minimal time in the process during which the runner reaches the first base and that makes it completely different from Baseball at First place.

The Sport got its name like a softball in 1926 only and became more popular when the US military men started playing this game whilst on the overseas missions. Eventually, the game witnessed its first governing body to come into the picture in 1952 as the International Softball Federation (ISF) and within its first set of meetings, the board started with its mission to make Softball, a part of the Olympic Games.

Five Biggest variances Between Baseball and Softball

1. Field Dimensions:

At the highest level of each sport, the distance between each base is 90 feet in baseball, and 60 feet in softball. The outfield plate in softball averages 220 feet away from the home run plate while the Close point in most baseball fields is about 400 feet or more. The increase in field size is due to several factors including a baseball’s ability to travel faster and further due to its tighter wound core.

2. Size and Color of Ball:

The size and colour of the ball in each of these sports helps modified them. While a baseball is white with a red layer, a yellow softball is used to make it easier to see as it is thrown from such a shorter distance.  Softball has a circumference of 12 inches, while baseball is 9 inches in circumference. This difference in size and weight creates differences in how the ball is thrown, how it carries, etc.

3. Size and Weight of Bats:

Baseball and softball contradict in both barrel size and weight. A baseball bat at the highest level will have a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches while a softball bat will have a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches. while the weight drop on a softball bat will vary anywhere from -8 to -11 at the highest level, while the standard baseball bat must have a weight drop of -3

4. Base Running:

There are also no lead-offs allowed in fastpitch. If a leadoff was allowed, it would shorten the already extremely short 60-foot base paths. While there are no leadoff, stealing bases is permitted in softball. However, the base runner can only leave once the pitcher has released the ball.

5. Pitcher’s Mound vs. Pitcher’s Circle:

One major difference in the sports is the area where the pitcher pitches from. In baseball, the pitchers work from a sloped mound with a rubber 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. While in softball, the pitchers work on the flat ground inside a circle with the rubber being exactly 43 feet from home plate.

Softball as an Olympic Sport

As of now, Softball is one of the most popular sports in the United States of America. The game is widely played in almost 100 countries around the world. Moreover, as a result of years of efforts from the International Softball Federation (ISF), the game finally succeeded in making an appearance in the Women’s category in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Although it was dropped from the Olympics’ list of games later on in 2012, it is hopefully going to be reintroduced in the Summer Olympics 2020 after seeing its growing popularity across the globe.

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